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I started taking oral CBD after deciding to transition off my prescription medications for depression and anxiety, which had harmful side effects for me and still left me with sleep and eating issues. Because I vape, I wanted a high-quality vape additive that I could use during the day and after a lot of research settled on Koi. I’m so happy I did!

I don’t enjoy the cannabis-like flavor of some other oils, and Koi has NONE of that hemp taste! When added to vape oils or vaped alone, it’s super smooth. It has helped me lower my daily stress and anxiety levels, and in combination with exercise has helped me get to a healthier sleep schedule. It’s also improved my appetite, which is making overcoming my anorexia so much less uncomfortable! If and when I’m having a rough day, I add a couple vials to my vape instead of the usual one, and after about 45 minutes my stress level is noticeably lower. When I feel the onset of a panic attack, I may use the oil as a tincture as well as in my vape for that extra oomph.

Also,it has NONE of the nasty side-effects that my previous prescriptions did! With Koi CBD and some healthy lifestyle changes I am finally dealing with my anxiety, PTSD and medication-resistant depression without heavy medication. I am also on the road to recovery from my eating disorder. I am so happy I found Koi! Thanks for an awesome product!

Lucia Anxiety, Medication-Resistant Depression, PTSD, Anorexia 250 mg white, green & blue July 27, 2018


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