I started vaping to try to stop smoking and heard a lot about CBD oil. After extensive research about the benefits and ingredients and that this was not THC I gave it a try. After trying several brands I have finally found my favorite by far. The Koi Gold 250mg CBD oil!! I can not explain how this has helped me!!! I have RA and I take a lot of pain medications and I also take anti anxiety meds and have for almost 20 years. The CBD has helped me slow down on all of that. It relaxes me without making me tired. It helps with joint pain almost immediately. I would recommend this product to anyone. I see no negative side effects at all! There is no nicotine in the CBD oil it is not addictive. I have since started using a CBD ointment for my joints as well that beats out any prescription grade bio freeze by far. I wish I would have discovered this a long time ago.

Maria Pennington Anxiety arthritis 250mg gold koi juice October 15, 2018


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