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My arthritis pain was affecting my concentration to the point I would forget what I was doing. I began looking into CBD after a suggestion from my physician’s assistant. After some research I decided to give KOI a try. I’m glad I bought the vape juice and got the 500mg strength. After 5 to 10 good puffs I noticed a significant reduction in my knee pain. Already a vaper (former smoker), I bought an extra vape pen exclusively for CBD. For me it’s easier to keep up with CBD usage if I don’t mix another juice with it. I waited for a few weeks to share this because I wanted to be certain that the early results would continue. I’m really impressed with the results. Hands down better than any over the counter pain medicine I’ve tried and taking prescription pain meds are addictive, have adverse side effects, and can be a pain themselves because of the constant doctor visits and regulation due to abuse. I’m a believer in CBD now and thankful for KOI!

Matthew Osteoarthritis CBD60 500mg October 28, 2018


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