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I get sciatic nerve pain and occasionally it causes me to have a limp almost to the point to where I need a cane to walk, and aspirin hasn’t really done much for this, I used to smoke weed to deal with this, but for some personal reasons I decided to quit smoking weed about 7 months ago and haven’t looked back, but I did notice and increase in back pain in the mean time, and found out about cbd through the grapevine and heard about Koi along the way and gave it a shot and honestly within the first hour of trying it I noticed a difference. With back pain you can’t fake it feeling better especially if it makes you limp and grunt. Also I have a buddy who has back pain and migraines, plus high anxiety, and insomnia I turned him on to this, and honestly he tried calling my bluff saying “yeah right, I guess I’ll try it but I don’t believe you” to “holy hell man, my back doesn’t hurt and I can sleep at night” to admit I thought I was crazy at first but hearing testimony after testimony, from back aches to seizures it’s nice to know something like this exists and I can keep a clear head and keep my job.

Michael Koester Back pain (mostly) and anxiety 250mg - Blue Koi September 21, 2017


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