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In 2012 I crashed on a dirt bike going about 40 mph. I broke my collar bone, a couple of ribs and hurt my back really bad. I have done acupuncture and chiropractor and those really helped my back but there was still pain in my back that I knew wasn’t ever going away. From 2012 to 2015 I was taking pain pills everyday because that’s what the doctor prescribe me. After 2015 I got off of pain pills(first 2 weeks is the hardest) and I started taking Advil. Every day I take 8 Advil due to my back pain. After listening to the Joe Rogan podcast and he was talking about CBD Oil I started open my eyes about it. After researching for a few weeks I chosen Koi CBD and I have been taking it since 10/30/18. My back pain has gone away almost completely and my sleep is the best ever. I haven’t took any Advil since 11/2/18. I take one squirt in the morning and one at night. I’m a true believer in CBD oil. I wish I would have started this a lot sooner in my life. Thank you KOI Cbd!!

Michael Kraus Back pain 500 mg lemon lime November 15, 2018


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