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I bought my first bottle of Koi Red 500mg very skeptical, but I’m willing to try anything to relieve any of my migraine symptoms ( I’ve suffered from Hemingway-palegic migraine since I had a major stroke 8 years ago) at first I picked up a cheap vape pen, to invest as little as possible. After vaping a 50/50 mix of Koi and a zero nic flavor for a week I was no longer skeptical, this product is amazing! I’ve now been using koi for a month. ( first bottle lasted me 3 weeks) and I honestly can’t even remember feeling this good ever, I went from 10/10 pain and symptoms 7 days a week plus tons of prescription pain meds. To now only occasional excedrin and about 1-2 droppers of koi in my now upgraded vape. Daily when I start to have migraine symptoms or pain I take a few puffs of koi vape and in a few minutes I feel great again. I’m as pain free as possible now. I never thought I’d see a day without intense pain again. THANK-YOU Koi! Your product has allowed me to enjoy life again.

Michael loetz Migraine, arthritis, anxiety Vape juices 500mg November 22, 2018


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