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I am a 55 year old male and in good physical health. My blood pressure however, has been on the rise over the last 6 months. It got to a point where I had frequent headaches and nosebleeds so I went to the doctor. Low and behold – my blood pressure was 185/101!

Well this shocked me, I did every test under the sun – no blockages, no heart problems – what it came down to was stress and a high red blood cell count. The doctor told me that stress can play a factor in SOME people – in elevating RBC counts. I took blood pressure meds – which really didn’t help that much – I started a refining of a baby aspirin a day which brought my blood pressure down to 180’s /85 – 88.

The blood pressure meds made me feel sluggish and a friend noticed it. He asked what was wrong and I told him. He said that his wife had similar issues and started taking CBD oil and it worked. With nothing to loose – I tried it. Within one week of using CBD – my blood pressure was down to 140 / 75 consistently. A

fter three weeks of daily CBD use my blood pressure is now 120/70 consistently. The best part is that I STOPPED TAKING the blood pressure meds that were making me feel bad! I think the CBD not only had a medicinal effect on the RBC count, but more importantly, it has helped me manage stress especially while driving. I must admit – I was somewhat skeptical when my friend told me about it. I’m glad that I overcame the skepticism enough to try and now use CBD on a daily basis.

Mike Carolan High blood pressure/stress relief Gummies December 2, 2018


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