I have had endometriosis for years dealt that with that pain I have had two surgeries for that then two years ago I started having pain from head to toe and swelling in my hands feet & knees so far the diagnosis fibromyalgia and they have not found out what’s causing the swelling. But due to all of this I started not sleeping I would get maybe 4/5 hours every 2 days. I wanted to sleep it just wasn’t there due to pain in my legs & feet get worse at night. My aunt told me about CBD oil I did some digging I found Koi at a local vape shop near me then I ordered my second order offline but as soon as I tried it ( I vaped mine by the way I have used the drops under the tongue I prefer vaping it) it was instant relief ⭐ From pain. Also the first night and ever since then I sleep like a normal person yay!! I am not dragging around with pain I can stand hugs again. I noticed my swelling isn’t as bad and I also have been able to clean my house before that was hard due to everything. It has even helped with my mood. I think when you are in so much pain and don’t know why you get in a funk. Also it has helped when Mother Nature comes (TMI i know) but I love koi and would recommend it to anyone. And I have 😍😍😀 I will continue to use koi, thanks koi

Mindy Fibromayliga, endometriosis and swelling in my hands feet & knees 500mg - Gold Koi & 250mg White Koi February 16, 2018


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