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I use CBD for my shoulder/Achilles pain and for mild social anxiety. I usually use 75mg e-liquids from Hemp Bombs and it does the trick, but I decided to try out Koi since I heard good things about them. I got a 250mg bottle to see how it was and it is amazing. I got the Tropical Popsicle because it sounded good (taste a lot like 3 Olives Loopys vodka). It makes me feel so relaxed (like popped a lortab relaxed). The shipping was ehhh I figured it’d be a little faster. I ordered my bottle on Saturday and got it Friday. 6 days isn’t terrible, but I get Hemp Bomb orders in 2-3 days and if I’m running low on CBD 6 days is a long time to wait for me. I like Koi though because it hits you pretty hard and it helps before and after my lifting sessions. It also makes me feel more relaxed around groups of people and during social events. All in all I give them 4 out of 5 stars.

Relaxing/Pain relief effects: 5 stars

Taste: 4 stars

Packaging: 5 stars

Price: 3 stars (not extremely high Like Diamond products, but I can get it much cheaper and better discounts with Hemp Bombs).

Shipping speed: 2 stars (6 days is just too slow for me when I can get other companies CBD in half or a third of that time.)

Mitch Pain and anxiety E-Liquid 250mg Tropical Popsicle August 31, 2018

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