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I have a sensitive stomach and can’t take traditional pain relievers like ibuprofen, so I was typically left to suffer through significant hip and lower back pain and sometimes neck pain. Getting out of bed in the mornings could sometimes take five minutes as my hip and back muscles would be very stiff. My FIRST night trying Koi CBD, I woke up after a restful sleep (which was unusual), I hopped right out of bed with no stiffness and very minimal pain. Since then, I have been 90% pain free. The pain I do feel is minimal and I can do my yoga again! I rated a four because I don’t like the black cover on the glass bottle as when I look down into it after a purchase, it’s hard to measure when I need more. In addition, I’d like to see the dosage of CBD per dropper (individual dosage not per bottle dosage).

NTalie Treating pain and inflammation. 500mg - White Koi (vape/orally) June 11, 2018


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