This product is amazing been trying to quit smoking marijuana for the longest not that it’s bad but at this point in my life I’ve been trying to get a better job so I have to stop. I just recently started vaping but the juices I think are too fruity and hurt my stomach so I had been looking for a alternative and that’s when I came across a review of koi on YouTube with all my questions being answered and luckily their was a shop nearby that carried it . Oh man been thc free for a week now and I know that’s not a lot of time but it just makes me feel like I can do this with no problem. Koi CBD relieves my anxiety and my chronic pain and just make feel relaxed with energy and not lazy stuck to the bed haha. Definitely would recommend to anyone.

Ralph Flores Jr Anxiety and chronic pain 250mg - Jade Koi January 22, 2018

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