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I have been suffering from chronic pain for the last 18 years. A combination of Acid Reflux and Nerve Damage related to my surgeries has left me with chronic pain. My doctors requested MANY tests and 2 surgeries to help alleviate my symptoms. Unfortunately, my medical ailments progressed. My physicians prescribed MANY narcotic pain pills to help me cope. Sadly, it was only a determent to my overall health. I was looking for an all natural course of treatment that was not so invasive. I was pleasantly surprised by my Koi products. I was given pain relief that did not make me feel like I was “drugged up”. There were no natural products for me to try. I was skeptical of how much relief I could experience from Koi brand CBD products, but the answer has been what my parents and I dreamed of. I have the pain relief I desperately needed and my family and I could not be more happy. I had been desperately looking for an all natural product that helped my chronic pain… I have hope again. Thank you Koi Brand!

Rebecca pain management and anxiety Koi Naturals 3000, Koi Lavender CBD in Hemp Oil 200MG, Koi CBD Tropical Fusion Gummies February 2, 2018

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