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I’ve been taking this CBD oil for a month now and it is a lifesaver. I stopped taking my nerve pain medication 3 weeks ago. No more weight gain and feeling like a zombie. This stops the nerve pain in my legs & feet instantly without all the terrible side effects. Sublingually, It didn’t work for me so I’ve been vaping it throughout my day and it has lowered my pain level drastically I’d say to a 3. My back no longer feels locked and the constant ache is gone. I’ve dealt with chronic back pain and neuropathy for close to 7 years with my pain level beyond 10 majority of the time. Pain killers do absolutely nothing for me but wire me up. I love me some edibles but even my own edibles I’ve built a tolerance to and I’m head high with the pain still in the background. I truly hate a head high so this is perfect for me and for the first time in 17 years I’m free of insomnia and sleeping with out multiple sleep meds. I feel like myself again for the 1st in a long time.

Reina P. Chronic Back & Leg Pain, Neuropathy, Insomnia August 7, 2017


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