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I was born with an unknown genetic motor tic/tremor disorder. I constantly twitch in my upper body muscles and simple everyday tasks are a huge challenge. For example, eating, pouring a glass of water, interacting with people because of the anxiety I have as well are all near impossible. I went to countless doctors, all of whom could not diagnose my condition. I have been on many medications that have not helped at all and the side effects were insane. The doctors had me extremely dosed to the point of where I would literally just fall asleep doing anything. Then I heard of vaping CBD. I went to a local vape shop and picked some a bottle of Koi CBD and to my surprise it helps tremendously. While I’m still pretty shaky a lot of it is gone and I feel much better going out in public.

Ryan Terry Tics/Tremors 250mg Koi Vanilla Caramel Custard July 13, 2018


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