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In 2015, I had a 470lb beam fall on me when I was up on a ladder. It crushed my head between it and the concrete. I had to have 9 staples. Broke my jaw, nose, and left ear drum. I was in a coma for 3 days and in ICU for 13. They put a tube in my back to drain fluid off my brain. I get Percocet 10 but takes 45 mins to start working. So I vape Koi first thing in the morning to help me get out of bed. I also vape it to help with pain throughout the day. This is my second time to ordering Koi. I’ve tried three other brands from my local vape shops. Koi is the only one that REALLY helps. I think I need to try your 500mg or the 1000mg. The 250mg works but I have to vape it more often. Both times I got the Watermelon/Apple and it’s good but think I want to try other flavors.

Sam Yingling Severe back pain from an accident in 2015. 250mg - Green Koi November 18, 2017

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