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My 24 year old son and I (I’m 51) both have bipolar and are both on a LOT of medications. My son was on over 3mg of Xanax a day, along with other meds. He had great anxiety about leaving the house and interacting with others. He’s on Social Security Disability for mental illness as am I. He started vaping the KOI CBD Oil a while ago and he’s just about completely off the Xanax and can do much more. So he wanted me to try it because I was feeling MISERABLE every day – pains in the legs, unstable mood, fog, just awful. So I figured, what could it hurt and ordered the 1,000 mg oil that goes under the tongue. Within 3 days I was able to get out the bed and NOT be in agony! What I do is this: I set my alarm for an hour before I want to get up. When it rings the 1st time I put a dropper full of the oil under my tongue and go back to sleep for an hour. When the alarm rings again I can get out of the bed OK. It’s only been a week, but I feel much better. I’m hoping it keeps up. As of now I’ll say, I’m very satisfied!

Sandra Bi-Polar Disorder, pain, fatigue, low mood 1,000 mg of the mint oil July 26, 2018


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