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Tammy Fibromyalgia and bulging disc back pain First I ordered the 500 mg blue and then I got your variety pack 250 mg I have to say this product is amazing December 22, 2017

I have to say this product is amazing although at first it did mess with my anxiety, but it relaxes me it does help with my pain some but after vaping all day I sleep like a baby no more sleeping pills needed,i hope to come off pain meds with the help of this, I can even vape at work which is awesome this is our busy season,i love KOI Blue the best I didn’t even try the sour watermelon I gave it to my neighbor and he loves it hopefully it will help me quit smoking cigarettes I put the flavorless oil in water which it’s going to be a great way to get me to start drinking more water LOL I’m definitely going to continue using your product it’s the best there is out there,i did buy some gummies from a local smoke shop in my home town before I received KOI’S your is the Best!!! It is a miracle for me if you are still debating on trying this like I did at first, you need to go ahead and try it,i wasted a whole month know I’m a customer for life!

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