I started using the Koi product for the higher quality. I have lower back pain from a 3 disk fusion that required addition work due to nerve bed damage at L5, for those that don’t know the L5 nerve root controls much of the nerve conduction to the legs and feet with the Koi product all the nerve pain disappears as well as the nerve pain in my back. As a former smoker the relief from the inhale is wonderful. I also have anxiety and depression issues that fade away with the aid of Koi. I can use this at anytime and the relief is almost immediate. With a little more relaxing enjoyment in the evening I get a pain free nights sleep.

Tammy Burns Back pain, nerve pain, anxiety and lung health. Plus all the other added benefits of CBD's 1000mg - Flavored & White Koi to mix with my favorite e juice flavors. November 1, 2017


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