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I’ve had chronic pain for 11 years. Over a year ago I had a new, more severe level of pain concentrate in my right hip, and no doctor can tell me why. We’ve done test after test, medication after medication, and it’s to the point where they want me on pain killers just so I leave them alone.

A friend uses these products and lent me her lotion. I experienced pain decrease! I was so happy I bought my own bottle the next day and I cried when it arrived. I had relief. Non-addicting relief. I ordered some oil to give that a whirl, and it takes a while to kick in, so I ordered the cartridges with the battery kit at the same friend’s recommendation. I’m not one for pushing products on people, but I’ve given my therapist and other friends with chronic pain this site because of how affordable, quick, and easy it is to get what I need.
I will continue to purchase my products from Koi, and I know many others have and will join me.

Thank you Koi.

Tehryn VanSickle Chronic pain, depression, and anxiety Lotion 200mg, Naturals in the prefilled cartridges 250mg, vape oil 100mg (as a tincture) April 28, 2018


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