My hole life I have leveled with pain, headaches, anxiety and depression, for the pain I have tryed just about anything and everything but when your genetically immune to pain killers almost nothing works and if it does it only last for a few minutes then I had a Tumor Grow on my spine and crush the sciatic nerve On my 4th lumbar causing severe chronic pain muscle spasms and continued with worse headaches, if took some time before the CBD to work but when it did my body had no pain and I didn’t have a headache for the first time in months it felt like heaven it truly did, I would recommend koi CBD to anyone thinking about CBD, the first name out of me will be Koi, it has changed my life for the better

Trent Pringle Chronic pain, chronic headaches, nerve damage, depression, and anxiety 500mg - White Koi August 31, 2018


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