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Taking Koi Naturals 1500mg 2x a day, less than a dropper in the morning and the same at bedtime has proven effective. My knees, back, hip, shoulder and elbow don’t hurt anymore after taking this oil. For me the effect was gradual. I did notice within the 1st week my pain had lessen by 50%. The 2nd week bending over, kneeling or lifting, I noticed I was hurting 90% less even though subconsciously I was carefully standing after kneeling, carefully rising after bending and not wanting to lift heavy objects. Week 3, I feel 98% better the other 2% is due to stiffness. My knees don’t hurt. I don’t have to pull up on something when standing, My hip, that has bothered me since 2013 after I injured it exercising, having gone to see an orthopedic specialist, having MRI’s and getting monthly injections, this is the first time in 5 years my hip has been pain free. As for anxiety, Koi takes the edge off during a stressful day, helps me to focus and better multitask. Again, the effects are gradual. I realized I wasn’t jumping from one task to the next without completing anything. I will purchase again. I have tried 3 other brands and have come back to Koi. I realized I was throwing good money after bad and just needed to increase my strength to the 1500mg.

Warren Henderson Anxiety, Chronic Pain Koi Naturals 1500mg June 25, 2018


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