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I was very skeptical about trying Koi CBD because I didn’t think that it could help me with my Chronic Back & Neck Pain as well as Anxiety, But when you are in so much pain every single day that I at least owed to my wife and myself to give it a try. I ordered three 500mg bottles hoping that it would help, but not really expecting it to, and to our surprise we started noticing after a few days, while not becoming totally pain free, this product was actually helping us. It helps with our anxiety, neck, and even back pain. Every little bit helps when you are in pain. We haven’t been using Koi but a short period of time and I honestly believe the longer we use it the better the results will be. I would definitely recommend anyone hurting and in pain or anxiety you owe to your self to give it a try, We are so glad that we did. I did my research and this is an excellent company, very knowledgeable and outstanding Customer Service. Thank you and I hope you get the relief that you deserve.

Wayne Willie Chronic Back & Neck Pain, Anxiety 500mg March 18, 2017


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