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Valerie Orta

Valerie Orta is a dedicated Quality Manager and an invaluable member of the Koi team. Valerie has an impressive educational background with a Bachelor of Science in Food Science and a Master of Science in Food Microbiology from The University of Tennessee - Knoxville. Additionally, she has an Associate of Arts in Kinesiology and Exercise Science.


Since joining Koi CBD in 2022, Valerie has been at the helm of all quality assurance activities within the organization. Her responsibilities include overseeing domestic and internal compliance regulations, meticulously analyzing data to identify deviations from the highest standards, and reviewing Certificates of Analysis (COAs) and product packaging to ensure state, international, and federal compliance.

With over four years of experience in Quality Management, Valerie brings a wealth of expertise to her role. During her time in college, she was not only a dedicated scholar but also a remarkable athlete, actively participating in the Track and Field and Cross Country Teams. In addition, her membership in the Tau Sigma Honor Society and involvement in the Food Science Club convey her commitment to academic excellence.


Valerie's professional background encompasses extensive microbiology and food science knowledge, acquired through her work in laboratory environments and the chemical industry. Her dedication to promoting wellness is evident as she regularly engages in walk/run challenges and half marathons, supporting notable organizations such as The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and the American Cancer Society. In her leisure time, she finds solace in hiking and exploring the great outdoors.


Valerie's expertise and dedication have been recognized through the publication of her research in the esteemed Journal of Food Protection. In addition, her contributions to our company's quality management and her passion for educating others through our blog demonstrate her commitment to encouraging hemp wellness in every aspect of her work.