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Hemp offers so much more than CBD. Did you know the plant contains more than 100 different cannabinoids? And the formation of each one of them starts as the "mother of all cannabinoids," CBG.

In recent years, what these many valuable cannabinoids can offer has begun to come to light. Each has different amazing benefits that can help you feel and function better, and they all start as CBG before transitioning into unique compounds.

Today, you can experience the benefits of this mother cannabinoid itself. While research continues to reveal more about the benefits of CBG, already there's evidence suggesting it can help deliver a powerful sense of alertness and focus so you can get more done. And as with other cannabinoids, we at Koi CBD committed ourselves to crafting fantastic CBG products to make taking CBG enjoyable, easy, and beneficial.

What is CBG?

CBG is a cannabinoid found in cannabis plants, including hemp. CBG is short for cannabigerol. Almost every strain of the cannabis plant contains some CBG. And while you might not have purchased CBG products before, other hemp products you've had likely included small amounts of CBG, so it's not something entirely new.

Often referred to as the 'mother cannabinoid,' CBG is becoming a big part of the world of natural health. It gets its moniker, 'mother cannabinoid,' because it is the precursor to other cannabinoids like THC and CBD. In other words, all cannabinoids start as CBG.

Although all cannabinoids start as an acidic version of CBG, mature hemp plants only contain trace amounts of CBG. On average most strains have about 1% CBG.

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Is CBG the Same as CBD?

CBD and CBG – yes, they have strikingly similar names. And their similarities also extend to some of their properties. For instance, neither produces noticeable elevating effects, and they encourage balance in the body by stimulating its endocannabinoid system. First, however, you'll be interested in learning some notable differences between the two.

The first difference between the two phytocannabinoids is their chemical composition. Secondly, CBG is considered a minor cannabinoid because, in hemp, it's found in only small quantities, while CBD is a major cannabinoid and has the highest concentration.

Also, CBG is best known for its focus-promoting qualities, while CBD is touted for its calming and centering effects. As a minor cannabinoid, CBG hasn't enjoyed the extensive research and studies that CBD has, so there's a lot about its benefits that we still don't know yet.

But if you're already taking some CBD products and looking for a natural way to boost your focus and concentration, you want to consider adding CBG products for some unique benefits.

Can You Take CBD and CBG Together?

You may wonder whether there are any benefits to using both CBG products and CBD products or whether you can take them together at all. Good news, you can!

The two phytocannabinoids are known to work well in tandem, so you may maximize your benefits by doing so. However, as with all new cannabinoids, we recommend beginning with a smaller serving and gradually increasing over time as needed as you assess how the effects set in.

Why Are You Only Hearing About CBG Now?

As it's the mother molecule for all hemp phytocannabinoids, why have you only heard about CBG now? First, CBG is present in the early stages of the plant's life. Harvesting it early in life means preventing the formulation of some other valuable cannabinoids, most notably CBD.

It's also a more expensive endeavor. Harvesting a hemp plant for CBG means spending time, money, and labor to plant more cannabis plants, harvest them early, dispose of the remains, then start over again. Even then, you can only extract a small amount of CBG from each plant.

This also explains why research around CBG products and their benefits is limited. Although scientists have known about CBG for many years, it's more challenging to study the cannabinoid since it hasn't been produced at a volume that makes it easy and accessible to research, let alone to make it available to use for daily wellness purposes.

In some cases, CBG is created from other natural compounds using biotechnology. This type of CBG has the same structural and molecular composition and is indistinguishable from naturally occurring CBG. The only difference is it is derived using different methods but is identical to the CBG produced within the hemp plant.

How CBG Works

CBG elicits its focus-promoting effects and other benefits by interacting with the body's endocannabinoid system, or ECS. Your ECS is one of your body's largest regulatory networks, and it's tasked with keeping the body balanced and optimal despite the external factors and environment.

As a phytocannabinoid, CBG mimics the cannabinoids naturally produced by the body (endocannabinoids). When consumed, CBG works by interacting with the endocannabinoid system's receptor, which influences the production of hormones and other messengers related to managing various functions in the body. That's how you get to experience the benefits of CBG.

What are the Potential Benefits of CBG

Although more research needs to be done on CBG, initial indications and user reports suggest a lot of promise for CBG and CBG products. CBG may very well have many uses and potential benefits, including:

Focus-promoting benefits

People who use CBG products often report experiencing a sense of calm focus. Most people turn to CBG to look for a natural way to improve concentration. So you can lock back in during that afternoon slump or start your day off on a solid foot.

Mood enhancement

Another benefit of taking CBG products is uplifting your mood. The cannabinoid is thought to support clarity in thinking and reduce feelings of brain fog. It may also help encourage better emotional memory processing so you feel more centered, even during busy times.

Calming and relaxation effects

A typical customer report is that CBG can help calm a racing mind, slow overactive thoughts, and allow you to stay in the zone. In addition, some studies suggest that CBG positively influences your brain's GABA levels. These are essential neurotransmitters that encourage a calming effect.

It is thought that CBG has a more significant effect on GABA uptake inhibition than THC or CBD, suggesting it could be a better go-to during stressful times for enhancing calmness and relaxation.

Potential natural relief support

Like other cannabinoids, CBG may be helpful when you feel uncomfortable and tense. The endocannabinoid system is involved in regulating a wide variety of functions. When your body is in a state of homeostasis, you feel and function better. That's why cannabinoids like CBG are often a go-to for better athletic recovery and everyday natural relief.  

Promotes healthier skin

The potential benefits of taking CBG products are not only inward. For example, CBG may help make your skin feel softer and smoother.

It's essential to note that the effects of cannabinoids vary from person to person depending on factors like your body type, genetics, and much more. Therefore, you might not necessarily experience the same benefits as another person. Nevertheless, the benefits highlighted are the most common reports from consumers of our CBG products.

Types of CBG Products We Offer

Now that you have a better knowledge of CBG, you understand how this is a cannabinoid you may want to add to your everyday wellness routine. At Koi CBD, we know you rely on us for high-quality and safe cannabinoids, so we've crafted a unique selection of CBG products. We have infused the same great flavors and ingredients found in our other hemp products and customized them to deliver the best experience.

CBG Gummies

Gummies are a popular cannabinoid product because of their sweet flavors. With a consistent potency in each bite, our CBG gummies offer an easy and tasty way to enjoy your CBG.

For maximum benefits, the gummies are blended with another little-known but highly effective cannabinoid called CBC for excellent mood-boosting benefits and effects.

The gummies are perfect for new and seasoned hemp fans that want to enjoy the mood and focus-boosting effects of CBG.

The gummies come in a deliciously fruity flavor that you will look forward to daily. They are the perfect CBG product to start your CBG journey.

Benefits of CBG gummies

If you're considering CBG gummies as your preferred CBG product, here are some benefits they offer to help you decide.

They are easy to take

CBG gummies have a no-frills approach to consumption. They don't require special tools or measurements, so it takes only a few seconds to take your CBG serving. Then, you only need to place the gummy in your mouth and enjoy it.

Reliable servings

The gummies contain a reliable concentration of 15mg of CBG and 15mg of CBC, so you know how much you're getting every time. There are 20 gummies in a jar for a total of 300mg. This amount is the sweet spot for most people seeking the cannabinoid's focus benefits. However, if you prefer a higher and lower serving, you can easily take a second gummy or split your gummy in half.

Filled with flavor

Although packed with benefits, hemp products aren't known for their excellent flavor. They can have a bitter and earthy taste which can be hard to handle. That isn't the case at Koi CBD. Our mission is to make hemp products tasty and fun to take, and our CBG gummies prove it. You can enjoy the delicious fruity flavor while delivering to your body's systems the CBG and CBC you need to perform your best.

Longer lasting effects

The focus-promoting benefits of CBG gummies might take a minute to kick in, but once they do, they last longer. Because of how the compound is released through your digestive system, the active ingredients are released slowly over a more extended period. This is ideal for new CBG consumers because the effects kick in gradually and ramp up over a few hours. 

CBG Disposable Vape

If you're interested in fast delivery and even more immediate effects, we have CBG disposable vapes. If you're a fan of vaping, you will love this highly convenient product. It's designed with vaping enthusiasts and newbies in mind, delivering a straightforward yet highly enjoyable vaping and CBG experience.

Our CBG disposable vapes combine CBG with full-spectrum CBD extract. With this unique cannabinoid blend, the vape bars are crafted to help you reach a calm and focused flow. The Sativa strain, CBG-infused vape juice in the vape has focus-promoting and balancing effects that help you get things done. The vape also features an energizing pineapple for a delectable vaping experience.

We understand how impactful the vaping experience can be. That's why we've also focused on the vape bar itself. It has a 2-gram capacity plus a ceramic coil and a 280mAh rechargeable battery for even heat distribution and effective vaporization.

Other features include an air-activated draw and preheat functionality. It's the ultimate disposable vape bar for those new and experienced. Because it's rechargeable, you don't have to worry about the dwindling performance as the battery dies out. Instead, you can have the best vaping performance from the first to the last draw.

Benefits of disposable vapes

Disposable vapes have several advantages that make a case for becoming your new CBG product favorite. If you elect to enjoy your CBG through disposable vapes, here are some of the benefits you stand to gain:

They’re easy to use

Disposable vapes have become the most popular vape devices because they are easy to use. They take out the work associated with owning a complex vape device and let you enjoy the experience. The device has no buttons to fiddle with, no settings, and no maintenance required. Just the occasional charging and an optional preheat function if you prefer smoother draws. Even first-time users should be fine working with this disposable vape. You remove it from the packaging and take a pull.

They deliver rapid effects

Unlike gummies that go through the digestive process, vaping delivers CBG and CBD directly to the lungs for absorption. Therefore, when vaping, you should experience the effects within minutes after you enjoy your first pull.

They offer high bioavailability

Vaping CBG has the highest bioavailability. This means more of the compound reaches your body's systems more quickly. There are fewer biological screens for the CBG molecules to go through before they make it to your bloodstream, so you get the desired effects faster. Vaping is perfect if you need CBG benefits right away.

They’re relaxing to use

Let's face it; vaping is an in-thing right now. And it's not just because it's trendy to be seen with a classy, sophisticated device, and that's what our disposable vape offers. The truth is vaping can be a relaxing practice that allows you to take a quiet moment.

Why Koi CBG Products are Your New Go-To

Going with Koi CBG products is one of the decisions you can make. Having been a leader in the space since 2015, we care about providing you with the best cannabinoid experience, and our passion for cannabinoids goes way before all the hype. We are true to our processes and mission of providing quality hemp products that you can rely on. Here are a few reasons we believe you will love our CBG products.


Everyone looking for CBG products and their benefits is unique. As a result, we have multiple CBG products with varying formulations to deliver that customized experience. In addition, our range of CBG products cuts across all types and experiences. So no matter what you're looking for, we're confident you will find it in our selection.

Quality, natural ingredients

We don't cut corners or compromise the quality of products. We use the best ingredients, including flavorings, in each product, so you enjoy taking your CBG. We are keen on delivering a fantastic hemp experience, and we can only do that when we use quality ingredients.

USA sourced hemp

Every great cannabinoid product begins with finding the best hemp plants. That's why we start our production by finding the best hemp strains in the US. We work with experienced partners that source the best hemp extract from leading farms known to grow their hemp using organic practices. The plants undergo tests to ensure they are of the highest agricultural standards and meet our requirements.

Third-party tested

Any hemp brand you're considering should work with third-party labs to test its products. At Koi CBD, all our products are tested by independent, ISO-certified labs. The products are thoroughly reviewed for potency, purity, and composition. We also screen the products for common contaminants like heavy metals, pesticides, and herbicides.

This is our way of ensuring you have faith in our products and production processes. In addition, we provide you with access to a certificate of analysis for your evaluation before purchasing our products.

Quality packaging

We've invested in the best quality packaging for our CBG products. The packaging is aesthetically appealing and preserves the freshness of your CBG gummies until we deliver them to your doorstep. The packaging also contains valuable information that helps you make the most of your selected products.

Batch-level transparency

You can always track your CBG products by batch through their production process. We believe everyone enjoying CBG should know the source of their products, and with our transparent production process, you get just that. You can track your product's journey, from the certified hemp seeds it came from to the product you're holding.

State-of-the-art production lines

We aim to provide you with the same high-quality CBG products with the same taste and the same composition. We do this using a highly automated production line capable of replicating identical products thousands of times. This way, when you come back to buy your next CBG gummies or CBG vape, they taste the same, have the same effects, and have the same consistency.

Great taste always!

We are big on flavor, and we love it. We invest in creating the tastiest cannabinoid products on the market and are proud of it. All our CBG products come in delectable flavors that you struggle to resist. In addition, we find the tastiest fruity flavors to add to our products, so you never have to worry about taking your cannabinoids and instead look forward to them.

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While these hemp products are legal federally, guidelines can and do vary by state due to differing controlled substances laws. Some states have banned some hemp cannabinoids.
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