You will typically receive your product within 4-8 business days. However, due to COVID-19, our shipping provider is experiencing delays.
Take Koi CBD as needed. Some people take it only once a day, while others take it three times a day.
Koi CBD products contain non-detectable levels of THC (< 0.001%) as tested by a 3rd party ISO-accredited laboratory. Due to variation in the sensitivity of drug tests which may misclassify other cannabinoids as THC, do not take this product if you are subject to drug testing.
Koi CBD uses the CO2 extraction method.
Please see the detailed information available on each product page.
We list both the total CBD in milligrams for the whole product and the individual serving where applicable.
It is best to keep Koi CBD stored at room temperature, out of direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Exposure to extreme heat or cold can cause CBD degradation. We do not recommend refrigerating or leaving it in your car for a long period of time. When stored properly, Koi CBD has a shelf life of about one year.
Please see the detailed information available on each product page.
Re-crystallization is normal with CBD products. We recommend shaking the bottle before each use to prevent re-crystallization and to evenly distribute the CBD throughout.
If you have or suspect a medical condition or are taking any medications, please consult your physician before use.
While we can take orders over the phone, it is best to complete your purchase through our website.
Please contact us for faster shipping options before placing your order.
Yes. We do not list “CBD” on the outside of our shipping packages to protect your privacy and to prevent theft.
Free Shipping usually takes about 4-8 business days for delivery, but is not guaranteed. If your order has experienced a delay, please contact USPS or your local post office.
Please contact our customer service team for assistance at (877) 774-4779 or via email at CustomerService@koicbd.com
Most of our customers will fill their tank with half of their preferred e-liquid, and half Koi CBD e-liquid, but you can mix it in any ratio you prefer. Koi CBD e-liquid can also be vaped as is.
You can use Koi CBD in any vape setup, including clearomizers, sub-ohm tanks, and RDA’s. We suggest a mod that regulates temperature as it is best not to exceed 320°F. If your mod does not gauge temperature, then we suggest starting on the lower wattage setting and incrementally increase the wattage as needed.
We suggest not exceeding 35 watts or 320°F.
Koi CBD Vape Juice is designed just for use in vape devices, and is not recommended to be used orally as a tincture. Our Koi Naturals Tincture is the recommended product for those looking to consume CBD oil orally.
We apologize for the inconvenience here, but your vape bar is most likely not broken, and there is a simple fix. Your vape bar is not working because the hemp oil inside has cooled, causing a minor clog. All you need to do is warm it up. You can do this by blowing into the bottom side of the vape bar a few times. You will know that it is unclogged when you see vapor come out of the mouthpiece, then you can use your vape as normal. If this still doesn't work, please contact customer service for a replacement.

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