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CBD has become a staple in many people’s wellness routines in recent years. While THC has been the most popular for the longest time, CBD has opened the doors for many new people to get started with hemp cannabinoids and their natural benefits.

Today, you can find CBD in many forms, but one that started it all and continues to be a sought-after go-to is CBD tinctures. Tinctures have held their position as a preferred product for CBD enthusiasts looking to enjoy CBD in its most natural and purest form.

Like other CBD products, not all CBD tinctures are equal. Tinctures can feature different types of hemp extracts, nutritional oils, and other natural ingredients. If you’re considering them for your health regimen, here’s everything you need to know about CBD tinctures and their benefits.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a cannabinoid found in marijuana and hemp cannabis plants. It is one of the many active, naturally occurring chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant and the most abundant in the hemp plant.

CBD is best known for its therapeutic and wellness benefits without psychoactive effects. It has become a massive hit among cannabis fans looking to enjoy the experience without the uplifting effects that compounds like THC are known for.

CBD has grown in popularity because it supports various body functions such as digestion, sleep, mood, exercise recovery, and immune function.

Is CBD the Same as THC?

CBD and THC are both naturally occurring cannabinoids in all variants of the cannabis plant, but they’re not the same.

The main difference between the two compounds is that THC produces potent psychoactive properties while CBD doesn’t. There are also slight differences in either compound's wellness and therapeutic benefits.

As far as wellness and therapeutic benefits are concerned, THC is effective in discomfort support, relieving nausea, and stimulating appetite. On the other hand, CBD is more effective in managing physical tension and stimulating mood.

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Despite the differences, we have numerous cannabis products containing both THC and CBD designed to help you enjoy the maximum benefits of the cannabis plant, bringing together all these wellness and therapeutic benefits for consumers looking for the ultimate experience.

How CBD Works in the Body

CBD affects the body through something called the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) and various receptors in the body. The ECS acts as a regulator that keeps you balanced. It is present in all mammals, including humans. The ECS has CB1 receptors (mainly in the brain and nervous system) and CB2 receptors in other places like the skin, spleen, and peripheral nervous system. So, when you take CBD, it interacts with these receptors to help maintain balance in your body.

CBD interacts with the CB2 receptors in various body parts, impacting various wellness benefits such as relaxation, discomfort support, digestive support, and others. However, CBD doesn’t interact with CB1 receptors, which is why it doesn’t produce psychoactive effects like THC.

How CBD Affects Us

CBD produces different effects in different people depending on various physiological factors and the amount of CBD you consume.

Some of the effects commonly reported by CBD consumers include the following:

Mood Support

CBD can help improve your mood by regulating various hormones in the body, like serotonin, which is why it is an excellent choice for social settings. The mood support benefits are most apparent when you take it in small servings.

Discomfort Support

CBD can help with various types of discomfort, including muscle discomfort from strenuous exercise. CBD is commonly taken to help with muscle recovery and reduce soreness before and after exercise. Many CBD fans have also reported positive effects after taking CBD to help with other types of discomfort.

Energy & Focus

CBD may also boost your energy and focus to power through the day and complete demanding tasks. Unlike caffeine, which comes with a crash later in the day that could slow you down, the energizing effects of CBD wear out gradually, allowing you to remain functional after the effects wear out.

Antioxidant Properties

CBD has impressive antioxidant properties that might help the skin recover from oxidative stress caused by the environment, such as UV rays, pollution, and stress. As an antioxidant, CBD can interact with the ECS to regulate many skin functions, such as oil production, immunity, and inflammation. CBD may also enhance the effects of other antioxidants by increasing their absorption and bioavailability. 

Sleep Support

Cannabis consumers have also taken CBD to help improve sleep quality. Taking CBD in high servings produces calming and relaxing effects that can help you unwind and slow your mind down, helping you fall asleep more easily.

These and the other effects of CBD, such as discomfort support, can ensure you enjoy uninterrupted sleep, improving your sleep quality and duration. 

Factors that Determine How CBD Affects Us

Most CBD fans don’t always report the same effects, even when they take the same CBD product in the same serving. This is because the effects of CBD rely on various factors that make its effects personal. Such factors include:

CBD Servings

The main reason CBD produces different effects is due to the amount you take. CBD is a biphasic compound that produces different effects when taken in different servings. In low servings, CBD produces energizing effects and improved focus and concentration.

When taken in higher doses, CBD produces relaxing and calming effects. Remember that a high or low serving depends on your experience with CBD. What works as a high dose in one person could be a low serving in another.

To experience the proper CBD effects, you have to take time and try different servings to finally settle on a serving that delivers the experience and effects you’re looking for.

Type of CBD

At Koi, we have CBD products containing full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or CBD isolate extracts. Each type of extract has a different composition and, therefore, different effects. The effects you feel are partly influenced by the type of CBD in your preferred cannabis products.

Physiological Factors

Internal systems such as metabolism also determine the effects you feel when you take CBD. How CBD is broken down and interacts with the CB2 and other receptors greatly influences the range of effects you experience.

Experience with CBD

First-timers are likely to get their desired CBD experience with a low serving. As the body adjusts and adapts to the cannabinoid, you might not get the same effects with the same dose. Over time, your CBD intake will increase. The more experienced you are, the higher your CBD intake might be to get the desired effects.

The CBD experience is highly individualized based on these factors. If you don’t get the expected effects on your first CBD try, don’t give up. Try different servings, starting with a low serving and gradually increasing your intake until you settle on a serving that delivers the expected results. 

Does CBD Make You Feel High?

CBD doesn’t make you feel high because it doesn’t activate CB1 receptors in the brain. Other cannabinoids like THC produce a high or euphoric feeling because they interact with the CB1 receptors in the brain. Because CBD doesn’t produce any uplifting effects, it is suitable for consumption during the day or night.

What is a CBD Tincture?

A CBD tincture, also referred to as CBD drops, is a cannabidiol-infused liquid designed to be taken by mouth. CBD tinctures provide a concentrated solution for consumption in small servings. The exact formula of the tincture can vary, but generally, tinctures deliver a large amount of CBD.

Tinctures come in a handy, portable bottle with a dropper top, making it easy to measure and consume your daily servings of CBD.

Is a CBD Tincture the Same as CBD Oil?

The terms CBD tincture and CBD oil are often used interchangeably, and for all practical purposes, you can consider them the same. Both have come to mean a liquid form of CBD extract designed to be taken under the tongue.

Koi CBD oil tinctures, for example, are a type of CBD oil because they combine CBD extract with a nutritious carrier oil, MCT oil, to enhance their absorption.

However, they’re two different types of liquid CBD products. On the surface, CBD tinctures and CBD oils can look the same. They may even come in similar bottle packaging and sport a dropper for easier serving management. But they have several underlying differences that make each a unique product.

The first and main difference between CBD oils and tinctures is the method used for extracting CBD from the plant. With CBD oils, some manufacturers use CO2 extraction, a process involving heat and pressure to quickly and efficiently extract the substance. CBD tinctures use a process involving soaking the hemp in alcohol to pull the natural compounds of the plant.

CBD oils combine the extracted compounds with a type of carrier oil. Sometimes they feature flavoring and sweeteners to improve their taste. CBD tinctures typically contain glycerin or alcohol-based solutions.

How is a CBD Tincture Made?

The process of making CBD tinctures start with mature hemp plants, like every other CBD product. The hemp plant is harvested and processed to extract the cannabinoid CBD extract.

The CBD extract is a thick, gooey substance packed with CBD and other beneficial plant cannabinoids and terpenes. Depending on the type of CBD tincture, the extract can undergo further processing or be mixed with glycerin and other ingredients like natural flavors for those who would prefer to avoid the natural, earthy taste of CBD tincture.

CBD tinctures are packaged with calibrated droppers that you can use to determine how much CBD tincture you take down to the drop.

Types of CBD Tinctures

If you’re a fan of versatility and options, CBD tinctures are for you. They come in a variety of flavors and concentrations. The best way to classify them is by the type of CBD extract used in the CBD tincture because it can have a significant impact on your experience. There are three types of CBD tinctures in the market:

Full-spectrum CBD tinctures

Full-spectrum CBD tinctures are considered the most optimal type of CBD oil tincture. Full-spectrum CBD retains all the valuable cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other naturally occurring compounds in the hemp plant. This means that full-spectrum CBD tinctures also contain trace amounts of THC, but they stay within the federal limit of 0.3% THC by dry weight.

Most people who use CBD for wellness prefer full-spectrum CBD tinctures because of the entourage effect, a theory that suggests that the plant’s compounds work together synergistically to enhance their overall benefits. Early evidence suggests full-spectrum CBD can be more beneficial than taking CBD alone.

Broad-spectrum CBD tinctures

Broad-spectrum tinctures are similar to full-spectrum, but for one minor difference: broad-spectrum tinctures don’t contain any detectable levels of THC. They allow CBD appreciators to enjoy most of the entourage effect without dealing with any of the hassles that can come with THC.

Like full-spectrum CBD tincture, broad-spectrum CBD also contains other cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and fatty acids, among other naturally occurring compounds. THC is the only compound that has been removed from the extract.

CBD isolate CBD tinctures

CBD isolate tinctures can be an option for those new to CBD and looking for a purer way to take advantage of the compound’s benefits.

At Koi, we don’t carry CBD tinctures made with CBD isolate. This is because CBD isolate doesn’t contain the other cannabinoids, terpenes, or flavonoids that are instrumental to produce the entourage effect. We’ve found that people have a much better experience with broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD products.

Which is the Best Type of CBD Tincture?

Most CBD consumers that have tried all three types of CBD products report that full-spectrum CBD delivers the best effects owing to its sheer volume of active compounds, followed by broad-spectrum and finally CBD isolate.

However, when choosing the best type of CBD tincture, there’s more to consider than the intensity of the effects. You may have personal reasons for choosing to avoid even small amounts of THC.

On the other hand, full and broad-spectrum tinctures provide such consumers with the potent experience they want. Simply put, the best type of CBD tincture varies depending on various factors and your preference. Our blog on the differences between full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate explains more.

Benefits of Taking CBD Tinctures

The beauty of the different forms of CBD products is the diversity of the experiences and benefits they offer. When it comes to how you'll get your daily cannabidiol, you can choose between CBD tinctures, gummies, vapes, and more. CBD tinctures offer numerous advantages over other products, which is why they have stood the test of time and are still preferred among many CBD enthusiasts.

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CBD tinctures have more methods of consumption than other CBD products. You can take CBD tinctures orally or sublingually by placing the drops under the tongue for faster absorption and effects. You can also mix CBD tinctures with your food or favorite drinks. You can also use CBD tinctures with your favorite recipes and smoothies.

Adjustable servings

Some CBD products like CBD capsules and other pre-measured CBD products offer fixed CBD servings, making it hard to customize to your needs. CBD tinctures give you the power to dictate how much CBD you want to consume at any given time. You can also change your CBD intake depending on why you are taking CBD.

Longer shelf life

You don't need to keep your CBD tincture refrigerated. You can take it with you on the road, to the gym, or to work without worrying about the CBD going bad or becoming ineffective. You only must ensure you keep the tinctures away from children and pets.

Convenient and portable

CBD tinctures come in compact and convenient bottles that you can carry in your purse or pockets without any problems. The dropper that comes with the bottle makes it easier to dispense your desired CBD serving anywhere at any time.

CBD tinctures are affordable

CBD tinctures come in a range of potencies, so some options are more affordably priced, especially considering you don’t need any additional equipment to enjoy your CBD tinctures. Also, because CBD tinctures are highly concentrated, you only need a small amount to experience the desired effects, meaning your CBD tincture bottle lasts longer.

Fast absorption and rapid effects

Not all methods of taking CBD tincture deliver fast absorption and rapid effects. But when taking CBD tinctures sublingually, the CBD is absorbed through the rich capillary supply under the tongue for immediate and potent results making CBD tinctures ideal if you’re looking for rapid effects.

You can choose from a range of delicious flavors

Don't like the natural taste of CBD? No problem! You can choose from various delicious flavors designed to make your CBD tincture experience better and more flavor-filled. You can select from various flavors, including tropical and fruit flavor-packed with nostalgia and summer vacation experiences.

How to Take CBD Tinctures

CBD tinctures are easy to take regardless of how you opt to consume them. However, if you want to be sure that you’re using your tincture correctly, here are the steps you should follow for the different methods of taking CBD tinctures.

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Taking CBD orally is the simplest method. Although the effects are delayed when using this method, once they kick, they last longer.

To take CBD tinctures orally, start by gently shaking your CBD tincture to ensure all the ingredients are properly mixed. Use the dropper to measure your preferred CBD tincture serving and place the drops on top of your tongue and swallow.

Mixing CBD tinctures with food and drinks

Adding CBD tinctures to foods and drinks is a common method of consuming the product. It’s great for those who want to disguise the taste of hemp extract or just want to have some culinary fun with it.

While it’s tempting to add CBD tinctures to every food and drink, there’s a little science behind it to help you make the most out of your CBD tinctures.

CBD tincture drops work well with smoothies, no-bake cookies, sauces, soups, dressings, mocktails, and more.

When adding CBD tinctures to food, avoid heat, which can denature the CBD oil and make it less effective, ensure you stick to your CBD servings, and always ensure CBD-infused foods are consumed by the intended parties.


Taking CBD tinctures sublingually yields the fastest results. When taking CBD sublingually, start by gently shaking the CBD tincture to mix its contents evenly. Use the dropper on the bottle to measure your desired serving and place the drops under your tongue.

When taking CBD sublingually, don’t swallow the drop immediately. Hold them under the tongue for up to one minute to maximize absorption, then swallow the rest of the CBD.

Taking CBD tinctures sublingually absorbs most of the CBD through the rich supply of capillaries under the tongue, bypassing biological processes like digestion which prolong the onset of effects and reduce the bioavailability of CBD.

Sublingual CBD tincture administration is perfect if you enjoy the flavor of your favorite CBD tincture and want the fastest effects possible.

CBD Tincture Serving Suggestions

With CBD tinctures, no specified serving works for every person. It’s a dynamic value that varies for every person depending on various factors like:

  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Rate of metabolism
  • CBD tolerance
  • Reasons for taking CBD
  • CBD concentration of the tincture

If you’re just starting with CBD tinctures, we recommend starting with the lowest serving and working your way up gradually. Give your body time and observe how you respond to the current amount. If the results are not as expected, you can increase your intake slightly and give yourself more observation time before increasing your serving size further. Our blog on figuring out how much CBD you should take explains more.

Is It Possible to Take Too Much CBD?

Most people tolerate CBD very well, even in high concentrations. No cases of severe interactions have been reported by CBD consumers, even when CBD is taken in high concentrations. CBD has been found to have low toxicity. However, it’s important to note that it reacts differently in every person, and you should only consume CBD within the recommended amounts.

Although there haven't been reports of severe side effects, there have been some mild and temporary side effects reported in rare cases. These possible side effects include:

  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Drowsiness
  • Changes in appetite
  • Dry mouth
  • Fatigue

If you're experiencing any of the above effects, you should adjust your CBD serving downwards. We also recommend that you consult with your physician before taking any CBD products if:

  • You’re taking any prescription medication
  • You have any heart conditions or ailments
  • You suffer from chronic long-term conditions
  • You’re pregnant, planning to get pregnant, or breastfeeding

Side effects can also be caused by selecting low-quality CBD tinctures that contain ingredients that can adversely affect your health. When purchasing CBD tinctures, ensure you buy quality tinctures using the best ingredients to mitigate unwanted side effects.

How to Choose the Best CBD Tinctures

Finding quality CBD tinctures is critical, not only for your experience but also for your safety. Whether you’re shopping for the tinctures online or in person, here are some tips and factors that will help you find the best quality tinctures for the best results.

Lab reports

Lab reports are a must when buying CBD tinctures and all other hemp-related products. Every company should provide lab reports on their website to prove the quality, safety, and composition of their products, as it has become an industry standard. The lab reports should be from a third-party lab meaning the information they contain is unbiased, factual, and unbiased. The lab reports contain information about the purity level of hemp and its chemical compounds.

Customer reviews

The importance of customer reviews is often understated when buying any CBD product. However, customer reviews are a powerful tool that provides invaluable information regarding the brand, previous experiences with the product, and what you can expect. Through the customer reviews, you will know the quality of the product and the benefits it has for different customers. Check for customer reviews on the company’s website and other third-party review websites.


In the CBD industry, brand reputation is held in high regard. When purchasing your CBD tincture, you should buy it from a seasoned brand with a proven record of delivering high-quality, impactful CBD products. Go for brands that go over and beyond to tell how they produce their CBD tinctures and their composition. This approach ensures safety and guarantees that customers know what is in their tinctures.

Type of CBD extract

Considering the type of CBD extract is not a matter of quality but rather about performance. Some seasoned CBD consumers prefer full-spectrum CBD over options such as broad-spectrum or CBD isolate. Some feel more comfortable taking only broad-spectrum CBD and nothing else. Considering the type of CBD in your tincture ensures you get your CBD experience the way you like it.

CBD concentration

The ideal CBD concentration is a personal preference. Generally, experienced consumers prefer high CBD concentrations, while those new may prefer lower concentrations. Luckily, CBD tinctures come in various concentrations, so finding the right one is not challenging.


CBD tinctures are not made equal. The formula varies depending on the manufacturer’s goals and target market. The variations in the CBD tincture formula can include the type of CBD extract used, added terpenes or flavonoids, the addition of other natural ingredients to enhance effects and experience, and so forth. As a CBD tincture consumer, you can go through the different options to determine which one best serves your needs.

Flavor or no flavor

You can find CBD tinctures in flavored and natural options. For consumers that want to consume CBD in its purest and most natural state, unflavored CBD tinctures are a popular option. But most prefer to avoid hemp’s earthy flavor, which is why there are flavored options. If you choose flavored CBD tinctures, there are plenty of to choose from, depending on your preference.

Extraction process

The extraction process drastically impacts the quality of the final product. Some CBD tinctures are extracted using the alcohol method, which can leave some of the solvents in the CBD extract if not filtered properly. The CO2 extract method is superior, provides purer and superior quality extract, and is a more chemically stable product. You might pay slightly more for CBD tinctures extracted using the CO2 method, but the experience is better.

Tips to Make the Most Out of CBD Tinctures

CBD tinctures are one of the easiest cannabis products to consume. They’re pure and can deliver a high amount of CBD into your body. The process of taking tinctures is relatively straightforward, but with some additional tips, you can make taking tinctures more efficient and improve your overall CBD experience. Here are some fantastic CBD tincture tips to get you started.

Look for Full-Spectrum

The type of CBD extract used to make the CBD tincture has a lot to do with the range of effects you will experience. To maximize these benefits, you should opt for Koi’s range of Full-Spectrum CBD tinctures. These contain all the compounds in the hemp plant, not just CBD. The extract also contains terpenes, which offer additional therapeutic effects, such as antimicrobial and antifungal benefits.

Besides the individual benefits of the different compounds, these compounds complement each other’s effects to produce more substantial effects. The second-best option available for cannabis fans who don’t want to consume THC is Broad-Spectrum CBD tinctures. It’s not as potent as full-spectrum, but it's close, and it doesn’t contain any THC.

Be Consistent

Most people start experiencing the effects the first time they take their CBD tincture. However, if you want the best results, you should be consistent with your CBD intake. At first, your body is adjusting to the new compound, and the effects might not be consistent. However, with continued intake, the effects can be more predictable and more fulfilling.

Keep the Dropper Clean

Our CBD tinctures come with a clearly marked glass dropper that helps you get the right dose of the tincture. As you use your CBD tincture, particles might accumulate on the dropper that could contaminate the tincture.

You should keep the dropper around the mouth clean to remove impurities that could encourage mold formation. After every few CBD tincture servings, you can clean the dropper using warm, soapy water.  

Take Your Tincture at the Same Time every day

Besides taking your CBD tincture regularly, you should also try to take it around the same time of day every time. Taking CBD daily ensures you get the desired effects when needed most.

What Makes Koi CBD CBD Tinctures Better?

Finding a reliable and reputable CBD brand with a diverse range of CBD products is the ideal situation. It opens your adventurous side and allows you to comfortably try different products without worrying about their quality or safety.

Koi CBD has been that brand for many hemp enthusiasts for several years, providing delicious and reliably high-quality hemp products in various forms. Our range includes CBD tinctures, one of our CBD products with the highest reputation and greatest longevity. Our range of CBD tinctures stands out for several reasons:


Our range of CBD tinctures is designed to cater to all with different needs and preferences. It features flavored and natural, broad-spectrum and full-spectrum tinctures, to cater to different palettes and desired benefits.

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USA-grown hemp

Each CBD product begins with sourcing the best hemp extract from the best quality hemp plants. At Koi CBD, we have exceptional partners that ensure we get our hemp extract from the best quality hemp farms in the USA. Our hemp meets the highest agricultural standards for consistency and quality. The hemp is organically grown in fertile, nutrient-rich soils for quality and safe hemp plants harvested at the perfect time.

Accredited-third party testing

All our CBD tinctures undergo testing from an ISO-certified third-party lab. The products must undergo several tests that check for safety, quality, composition, and contaminants.

We provide our customers with detailed Certificates of Analysis on our website with the full results of the tests. The information contained in the CoAs includes the ingredients in the CBD tinctures, the CBD concentration, and verifies there are no contaminants found like herbicides or heavy metals.

Production and packaging

We have invested in the latest processes and technology to minimize human intervention and reduce error during the production of our CBD tinctures. We aim to provide quality and consistency with our products for anyone seeking the benefits of CBD.

Every aspect of our CBD tinctures is carefully thought out, including the packaging. Our packaging locks in the freshness of the CBD tinctures until we deliver them to your doorstep. The packaging also contains vital information, like a full ingredients list, so you know exactly what’s in your CBD tincture.

Batch level transparency

Transparency is crucial in understanding how your CBD tinctures are made and ensuring you get the information you need concerning the CBD tinctures you purchase from us. At Koi CBD, we are committed to educating CBD fans through transparent processing and ensuring our consumers can track the products they buy back to their production batch.

CBD Tinctures FAQs

How Long Does It Take to Feel CBD Tincture Effects?

CBD tincture effects can take a few minutes up to an hour to kick in. The exact time it takes depends on the method of administration, whether you had a meal before taking CBD, and your metabolic rate. Sublingually taking CBD tinctures has the fastest onset of effects while taking them orally has the longest onset of effects.

How Much CBD Should You Take?

There’s no CBD serving that works for every person. You have to take time to find the ideal CBD serving that delivers the effects you want. The amount of CBD you should take will depend on your prior experience with CBD, the desired effects, and other factors out of your control, like your metabolism. We recommend starting with a small dose and gradually working up to a suitable serving.

Can You Overdose on CBD?

CBD is well-tolerated in the body and has very low toxicity. There are no known overdose cases, and there is no information to suggest that you can overdose on CBD. Nevertheless, we recommend sticking to the recommended daily intake for the best CBD experience.

What is Full-spectrum CBD?

Full-spectrum CBD is a type of hemp extract containing all the compounds found in the plant. Full-spectrum CBD contains CBD, terpenes, flavonoids, and other cannabinoids. This is the most potent type of Koi CBD extract we have for CBD tinctures.

What Form of CBD Tincture is Best for Beginners?

Any form of CBD tincture is ideal for beginners as long as you consume the right amount. We recommend starting with the Koi Broad-Spectrum CBD tinctures and upgrading to Full-Spectrum options after giving your body time to adjust to CBD. However, many CBD fans have started with Full-Spectrum CBD tinctures with no challenges. 

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Koi’s cannabinoid products are legal under the 2018 Farm Bill. Signed into law in December 2018, the federal legislation legalizes hemp, which the law defines as any part of the plant, including all derivatives, with no more than a 0.3 percent concentration of THC. This includes hemp-derived cannabinoids like CBD, delta-8 THC, and many more.

While these hemp products are legal federally, guidelines can and do vary by state due to differing controlled substances laws. Some states have banned some hemp cannabinoids.
The information presented is not legal advice, is not to be acted on as such, may not be current and is subject to change without notice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The fastest way to experience the benefits of CBD tinctures is to absorb them under the tongue. Hold your desired serving of tincture liquid for 30 to 60 seconds before swallowing. The CBD and other beneficial compounds will reach your body's systems in roughly 30 minutes.
When deciding on a CBD tincture, consider whether you'd prefer full-spectrum CBD extract (Koi Complete CBD Tinctures) or broad-spectrum CBD extract (Koi Naturals CBD Tinctures). From there, choose your desired flavor. Finally, decide on the potency. Higher-concentration CBD tinctures are ideal for those seeking the most noticeable balancing benefits, while lower-concentration CBD tinctures are sometimes preferred by those new to CBD.