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CBD offers some powerful balancing benefits when ingested regularly. But have you heard of what it can offer when applied topically?

CBD is the most widely accepted, naturally occurring cannabinoid in the hemp plant. Over the past few years, CBD has gone mainstream, largely because of the vast range of options available to those excited about its benefits.

Today, there are more ways than ever to incorporate CBD products into your day. From traditional CBD oil to CBD vapes and now CBD topicals like CBD creams. With an extensive range of CBD creams to choose from, it's prudent for you to find out as much as possible about the creams and how to choose the best brands.

What is CBD?

Despite its raging popularity, some people have yet to discover CBD, and others might not know how to define it.

CBD is short for cannabidiol – a naturally occurring compound in the Cannabis Sativa plant known as cannabis or hemp.

Cannabidiol is among more than 100 cannabinoids that have been identified in the Cannabis sativa plant. Others include the more famous Delta-9 THC, known for its euphoric benefits. CBD is more prevalent in hemp plants which have a low THC yield. CBD doesn’t produce euphoria and is federally legal and more easily accessible in much of the US.

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Research and studies suggesting CBD produce various health and wellness benefits in the body have contributed to the popularity of CBD, leading many to add it to their daily wellness routine.

What is a CBD Cream?

CBD creams are topical products with a light consistency made by infusing CBD with an oil carrier. Depending on the type and function of the CBD cream, it might also contain other extracts and botanicals to make the cream more efficient with faster-acting effects.

Not all CBD creams are made equal. The creams have various ingredients that deliver varying effects. Some creams are gentle with hydrating effects that make them ideal for dry skin, others are ideal for healthy skin with balanced sebum production, and others contain ingredients that target skin issues to soothe irritation and improve appearance.

CBD creams can also help with natural relief. These are particularly popular among people with physically demanding jobs, athletes, and people that suffer from occasional soreness. The creams are designed to deliver localized benefits to the area where they are applied.

CBD Creams VS CBD Salves Vs. CBD Lotions

CBD topicals come in many forms to cater to different skin requirements and issues. The terms CBD balms, CBD creams, and CBD salves are often used interchangeably, and the overall benefits and application method are the same for all three. However, there tend to be some differences between them.

CBD Balms

CBD Balms are semi-solid topicals made with a fatty base, usually beeswax, coconut oil, or candelilla wax. Balms are mainly designed to provide localized relief for athletes and people suffering from joint soreness from regular physical strain. Their solid nature makes them ideal for massaging into the skin. Because of their oily base, balms have a longer shelf-life than creams and salves but take the longest to absorb. However, once absorbed, the effects last longer.

CBD Creams

Very similar to CBD balms, CBD creams tend to feature moisturizing agents and some water in their base. They absorb fast into the skin and deliver rapid nourishment. These creams are the most pliable CBD topicals, like a lotion consistency, and are an ideal choice for those looking for a daily CBD topical for routine skin care.

CBD Salves

CBD balms and salves are also very similar. But salves tend softer than some balms. They are easier to rub into the skin and absorb faster. Salves also have a fatty base, increasing their shelf life which is longer than CBD creams but shorter than CBD balms.

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CBD salves are perfect for massages and rubs and are best suited for consumers looking for targeted relief and muscle relaxation through massage.

What are CBD Creams Made of?

CBD cream ingredients can vary depending on the function of the cream. Some CBD creams are crafted with skincare in mind, while others are designed more to support natural relief.

CBD creams for skin care

The ingredients you may find in CBD creams for skin care include:

  • Water – Water tends to be the first ingredient in all CBD creams because it serves as a solvent for ingredients that don’t dissolve in oils. It also hydrates the skin.
  • Botanical extracts – CBD creams feature various botanical extracts like tea tree oil, rose extract, aloe vera, wolfsbane, and shea butter. Each extract has a long history of skin care applications due to its benefits. Some brands might feature additional extracts on their creams, while others might have fewer.
  • Retinol – Also called pure Vitamin A, it is a reputable anti-aging ingredient used in various beauty and skin care products. It’s also sometimes featured in CBD skincare creams. Retinol makes the skin smoother, firmer, and tighter.
  • Collagen – Some CBD creams may also include collagen in their formula to strengthen the skin and maintain hydration and skin elasticity.
  • Antioxidants – Brands may include additional natural antioxidants like grape-seed extract to enhance the free radical fighting effects of the CBD cream.
  • Coconut oil – Coconut oil acts as a CBD oil carrier and a powerful skin moisturizer. It contains antioxidants and minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

CBD creams for natural relief

In addition to the above ingredients, CBD creams for natural relief may also include other soothing ingredients like:

  • Menthol – This is a counterirritant that works by making the skin feel cool and then warm, distracting you from feeling the aches in joints and muscles. Our CBD Pain Relieving Roll-On features menthol to address pain.
  • Histamine – Histamine is a natural chemical released in the body by the immune system as part of an allergic response to foreign invaders. Some CBD creams also contain histamine, which helps control functions like body temperature, memory, and pain sensation.
  • Lidocaine – Some CBD creams also have lidocaine as an ingredient. Lidocaine is an anesthetic used to prevent and treat pain, minor burns, insect bites, and scrapes.

These ingredients work to enhance the CBD effects and make it more effective and efficient in delivering quality results when you apply CBD creams.

Benefits of CBD Creams Over Other CBD Products

CBD creams present unique benefits, especially to those new to CBD, although more seasoned CBD connoisseurs also prefer them. CBD creams present a different way to enjoy CBD benefits apart from the conventional methods of consuming CBD products like CBD oil and CBD gummies or CBD vapes. Like every other CBD product, CBD creams have carved out a niche for themselves because of the unique benefits they offer over other CBD products. Such benefits include:

  • Easy to use – Applying CBD creams is fool-proof. There’s no science or technique behind it. Just take a small dab of the cream and apply it to the affected area. Massage the cream for some time to maximize absorption into the skin.
  • No dosing necessary – With most CBD products, taking the right amount of CBD is key to experiencing the desired benefits. Although CBD creams come in various CBD concentrations, you shouldn’t worry about how much CBD to apply. That takes most of the concern you may have about taking too much or too little CBD.
  • Localized relief – CBD creams target the affected areas on the skin, muscles, or joints for faster relief. CBD creams offer an alternative to enthusiasts that prefer not to ingest or vape CBD products but still want to experience the benefits of CBD.
  • Covers a large surface area – You can apply CBD creams over your entire skin. CBD creams like Koi CBD creams are made using natural ingredients that are safe for different areas of the skin. The comprehensive coverage of CBD creams targets various skin issues that affect different skin areas.
  • Longer lasting effects – The skin acts as a medium that controls what goes in and out of the body. It also controls the amount of CBD and other ingredients once you apply the cream. Typically, the skin only allows a small amount of CBD at a time which prolongs the absorption time and, consequently, also prolongs the period you feel the effects.
  • Multiple options available – CBD creams come in all types and CBD concentrations. They feature multiple ingredients making it easy for consumers to find CBD creams suitable for their skin types and needs. CBD creams also come in variations that target soreness and aid in the restoration of muscles.

How to Use CBD Creams for Maximum Effects

Applying CBD creams to your skin is a simple process. But when it comes to how to use CBD creams, there are several steps you should follow to maximize the benefits and effects.

Choose the right cream

There are tons of CBD creams on the market designed for various functions and skin needs. Begin by choosing the most suitable CBD cream for your needs and skin type. Picking the right cream will determine how effective it is in delivering your desired effects. While choosing the cream, pay close attention to its concentration. Higher concentrated CBD creams will deliver greater benefits.

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Read the instructions and ingredients list

Before applying any CBD creams, always read the instructions on the label. You should also read the ingredients list. The latter is vital if you have sensitive skin and allergies to ingredients commonly used in topical products.

Clean and dry the skin

We recommend you start with a patch test before going all out on your new CBD cream. Clean and dry a small and discrete area of the skin, apply a small amount of CBD cream and observe for 24 hours. If all is well, the cream is safe to apply to the rest of the body. Cleaning and drying the skin removes the dirt barrier and opens the pores, maximizing CBD absorption.

Massage gently into the skin

When applying CBD creams, spend some time massaging the cream into the skin. Massage until the cream disappears. Not only is the massage beneficial, but it also increases the amount of CBD pushed through the skin. Because CBD creams are relatively safe, you can apply the cream up to three times a day.

How To Choose the Best CBD Creams?

The CBD market continues to thrive, which comes with challenges, including some brands selling substandard CBD products. This makes the process of buying CBD creams crucial to avoid nasty side effects caused by using substandard creams with harmful ingredients. With thousands of products in the market, choosing the outright best is tough, but you can use these factors and considerations to weed out low-quality products.

Type of CBD

The CBD extract used to make the cream determines the intensity of the effects and the effectiveness of the cream. CBD extracts come in three variations:

  • Full-spectrum – Full-spectrum CBD creams retain all the natural compounds found in the plant’s extract, including CBD, terpenes, flavonoids, and even trace amounts of THC. CBD creams containing full spectrum extract often offer better results because all the compounds work together synergically to maximize their benefits.
  • Broad-spectrum – Broad-spectrum CBD has the same profile as full-spectrum CBD. The only exception is that broad-spectrum CBD extract is stripped of traces of THC. Broad-spectrum CBD is also effective and delivers the entourage effects but not quite as full-spectrum CBD creams.
  • CBD isolate – CBD isolate is pure CBD with no other cannabinoids, terpenes, or flavonoids. CBD extract goes through additional processing leaving behind pure CBD in crystalline form. It doesn’t produce the entourage effects, but can be an option for those looking to avoid the plant’s other compounds.


Besides the type of CBD used to make the cream, the other factor that can affect the effectiveness of CBD creams is CBD potency. Choosing CBD creams with a higher CBD concentration plays a vital role in delivering the desired results. CBD creams used for routine skincare contain less CBD concentration than those used for discomfort and recovery management. Start by considering what you want to use the CBD cream for to make it easier to select a cream with the right amount of CBD.

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Additional Ingredients

Besides CBD, CBD creams contain other ingredients like botanical extracts, oils, and waxes, among others. These ingredients fortify the effects of CBD and make the cream more effective. Brands can add various ingredients to their creams depending on the anticipated performance of their CBD creams. When buying a CBD cream, check the ingredient list to ensure the ingredients align with the expected results.

When buying a CBD cream, check the ingredient list to ensure the ingredients align with the expected results. For instance, when you want a CBD cream for normal skin, consider getting creams that contain collagen, Retinol, and other botanical extracts.

Third-party tests

For reputable brands, third-party lab testing has become standard. While. More industry regulations are needed, industry-leading brands rely on third-party lab tests to verify the quality and composition of their CBD creams so that you feel comfortable with your purchase.

You should also be able to find the results of the third-party tests on a brand’s website, where you can access them easily before making a purchase. If your selected brand doesn’t have the results available, that’s a huge red flag.

High-quality ingredients and processes

High-quality CBD creams are made from premium ingredients and processes because they are safer and rarely cause allergic reactions. The more organic ingredients and processes used to make the CBD cream, the safer and more effective the cream is.

What Makes Koi CBD Creams Better Than Other Options?

Since 2015, Koi CBD has been leading the way in CBD quality, delivering CBD fans with an exceptional range of products, including CBD creams. We rely on industry-leading techniques and best industry practices to deliver the best CBD creams on the market.

USA-grown hemp

The quality of our CBD creams starts with the quality of the CBD extract we use to make the creams. We work with experienced partners that source CBD extracts from USA-grown hemp. The hemp used meets the highest quality standards. The hemp is grown in nutrient-rich soils and the best climate to guarantee the best nutrient profile.

Accredited 3rd party testing

When buying Koi CBD creams, you don’t have to take our word for it. We use ISO-accredited third-party labs that run extensive tests on our creams. The labs check for quality, composition, and potency and test for contaminants like heavy metals and pesticides. We post the lab results on our website, which you can view before purchasing the cream.

Batch-level transparency

Besides providing an amazing range of products, we also offer accurate CBD information to demystify the myths and misinformation surrounding CBD products. One of the ways we do this is through our batch-level transparency processes. You can follow the production processes of your favorite CBD cream right down to its production batch.

Production and packaging

We are keen on producing quality CBD creams consistently. We’ve invested in the latest and most advanced production equipment and reduced human intervention in our processes to reduce contamination.

Our CBD creams also come in elegant, information-packed packaging that makes using CBD cream straightforward.

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While these hemp products are legal federally, guidelines can and do vary by state due to differing controlled substances laws. Some states have banned some hemp cannabinoids.
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