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If you’re a fan of hemp and all the plant can offer, you must be having the time of your life. The cannabinoids market can’t stop rolling! Gone are the days when the only cannabinoids you knew were THC and CBD. Now, you have numerous options on the market that make it easy for cannabinoid connoisseurs to pick what works best for them.

One of the newer cannabinoids on the block is CBN. A minor cannabinoid with potentially major benefits in the wellness world. Like other recently available cannabinoids, you likely have many questions about CBN and CBN products as you try to get acquainted with CBN. We have all that for you. And if you like what you read, we also have some amazing CBN products we know you will love!  

What is CBN?

CBN stands for Cannabinol which shouldn’t be confused with cannabidiol which stands for CBD. Hemp fans also know it as "The Sleepy Cannabinoid." Most people look into CBN when they need a cannabinoid that can help them relax and improve their sleep cycle.

During the fascinating growth of the cannabis plant, various chemical changes produce different cannabinoids. These chemicals are the building blocks that give the plant unique properties.

Cannabinol develops in the later stages of the plant. As the plant grows, the cannabinoids convert into each other. For example, CBG transitions into CBD and THC, and THCa grows into CBN.

CBN results from decarboxylation, a process that occurs naturally over time or when the plant is exposed to elements such as oxygen, heat, and UV light. These elements prompt chemical transitions, causing THC to break down and convert into CBN.

Generally, CBN arises in the maturing stages of the cannabis and hemp plants. Therefore, it’s found in higher amounts in older hemp flowers that have been exposed to the elements.

Is CBN Psychoactive?

Because CBN has its roots in THC, it’s common to wonder whether CBN has uplifting effects.

Most evidence suggests that CBN has only minimal elevating effects, if any at all. Some experts believe the cannabinoid has no uplifting effects, while others say it has mild uplifting properties. Deeper research is required to determine the complete chemical composition of CBN and whether it has uplifting effects. However, the consensus is if there are any uplifting effects, they are mild at best.

Why Are You Hearing About CBN Now?

The CBN cannabinoid was discovered over a century ago. So why are you only hearing about it now? That’s because it was a complex cannabinoid and the isolation process was even more complicated. Over the years, CBN has been largely overlooked as research surrounds THC and CBD.

Although attention is shifting, research on CBN is still limited. However, there have been some positive gains in identifying the benefits of CBN hence the surge in popularity. Our educational post answering the question - What is CBN? - explains even more.


The rate at which new cannabinoids are sprouting in the market might confuse some hemp fans, especially because some cannabinoids have similar names and almost identical properties. However, even though they share some similarities, there are areas where each shines and performs better than the other.


CBN and CBD are cannabinoids in the hemp plant, and most people report they don’t have uplifting effects. Instead, they’re used to promote everyday wellness.

Both CBN and CBD have exhibited similar interactions with cannabinoid receptors in the endocannabinoid system, producing some similar benefits, like supporting a sense of balance and aiding in encouraging better functioning in a wide array of processes.


Despite the striking similarities, there are differences between CBN and CBD. The first is the composition of both phytochemicals in the cannabis plant. Manufacturers can engineer hemp plants to have a high yield of CBD, but they can’t directly adjust the amount of CBN in the plant because it is created from the breakdown of THC. However, exposing THC to heat can speed up the process.

Clinical research has shown that CBD is more effective in helping ease stress, supporting mood, and improving resilience. Although CBN hasn't received the same amount of research, it is thought to enhance rest and sleep naturally.


CBN and CBG have very similar structures. They both occur naturally in the cannabis plant and interact with the body through the endocannabinoid system. But like other cannabinoids, they also have some differences.


The first difference is how they appear in the hemp plant. CBG is considered the “mother of all cannabinoids” because it serves as a starting point for all the other cannabinoids with the help of specialized enzymes. It is present in small volumes in both marijuana and hemp plants because of this degradation.

One of the ways to obtain a high CBG yield is to harvest the plants early. Although CBN is only present in small quantities in mature plants, it mainly appears when the THC is exposed to UV light.

The two phytocannabinoids also have different effect profiles. CBG is thought to produce superior motivating effects, while CBN has better calming properties, hence the name “the sleepy cannabinoid.”

How Does CBN Work in the Body?

When CBN enters the body, it works through the Endocannabinoid System or ECS to encourage various effects. The ECS is a regulatory system that maintains the balance between different areas in the body, like our immune, central nervous, and digestive systems.

The ECS performs its tasks through its CB1 and CB2 receptors located at different sites in the body. Specific chemical compounds activate each group of receptors. CBN appears to bind mainly to the CB2 receptors, which primarily exist in the immune system and the peripheral organs.

Research also suggests that CBN may also influence TRP channels. This group of receptors is largely linked with sensations such as taste, temperature, and more.

The failure of CBN to directly bind to CB1 receptors prevents it from inducing notable uplifting effects. However, with more research, we will have a clearer picture of how CBN works in the body and delivers its benefits. 

Why Should You Take CBN Products

Like other non-psychotropic cannabinoids, the main reason why you should consider taking CBN is because of its natural wellness benefits. Some preclinical studies have suggested that CBN has a handful of potential health and wellness benefits. However, CBN consumers have reported experiencing different effects.

This is common with cannabinoids because the effects produced when you take any cannabinoid depend on factors like your biological makeup. However, we have selected some of the most benefits reported by consumers that have tried our CBN products. You might feel the same effects or have a slightly different experience.

Sleep support

The most common reason for taking CBN products is their potent sleepy properties. Anecdotes have touted CBN’s sedative potential to encourage more restful sleep mainly because of its calming properties. Although it's unclear whether CBN directly impacts sleep, its calming effects could help you get better quality and deeper sleep.

Appetite support

Many cannabinoids offer this benefit. For example, THC is considered effective for encouraging a healthier appetite, but some consumers prefer to stay away from it because of its strong uplifting effects.

Studies have shown that CBN might influence appetite behaviors with little to no uplifting effects, which is excellent news if you prefer to stay clear of the uplifting effects.

Natural relief support

CBN has body-calming benefits properties that may help to ease tightness and uncomfortable feelings. Some studies have also shown a promising relationship between CBN and positive bone health, although more research is required.

Types of CBN Products Available at Koi CBD

Now that you know what CBN is, how it varies from the other cannabinoids, and some of its benefits, you might be interested in trying out some CBN products, and we have the perfect collection of CBN products for you.

CBN Gummies

Gummies are one of the best products to start with when trying a new cannabinoid, especially Koi CBD CBN gummies.

The gummies have a delicious taste and come in multiple flavors. So if you’re skittish about trying new products because of the flavor, our CBN gummies will fix that. We are big on flavor and quality, and we assure you that you will love the taste of our gummies.

We’ve combined the gummies with other leading cannabinoids like CBD and Delta 9 THC to deliver potent and balanced effects. In addition, the gummies come in multiple fruity flavors, so you can select the one you like most.

Benefits of CBN gummies

There are various reasons why you should consider taking CBN gummies over other products. Although preferences differ, when starting, you should always start with the most straightforward products, and then later, you can try out others.

Gummies are tasty

If you've tried other cannabinoid products, you know that some can be hard to take down. Sleep gummies are the opposite. They taste excellent and make a great way to have a sweet experience at the end of the night. Because of their delicious flavors, it's easier to remember to take the gummies on time because you look forward to them. It also helps that there are multiple flavors to pick from.

They are easy to take

Gummies are super easy to take. You don’t need to measure the amount or use any fancy devices. You pop and place it in your mouth. That’s it. The gummies come in pre-measured CBM servings eliminating the worry of getting every serving right.

They are discrete

The public perception of cannabinoids has come a long way. However, you might still attract some curious looks when taking your cannabinoids. If that makes you uncomfortable, or you’re not out of the closet with your love for cannabinoids, gummies make the perfect cover. They look like regular gummies, so you can enjoy them publicly without attracting attention.

They are portable  

Our CBN gummies come in small, portable, and resealable packaging. You never have to worry about leaving them behind when traveling. You can take them everywhere you go.

CBN Disposable vape bars

CBN disposable vape bars are a fantastic choice for vapers and seasoned hemp connoisseurs. They are classy and deliver CBN directly to the lungs for rapid absorption.

Like our gummies, our CBN disposable bar comes with a delectable flavor delivering a fantastic vaping experience that leaves your taste buds tingling.

Benefits of CBN disposable vape bars

For the right consumer, CBN vape bars present a world of benefits, especially if you want to add CBN for everyday wellness support. Opting for CBN disposable vapes offers various advantages:

They are trendy

CBN disposable vapes are elegantly designed and aesthetically appealing. If that doesn’t grab attention, the thick clouds of vapor you blow out when vaping definitely will.  

Easy to use

Vaping can be daunting for first-time vapers. You must know how to operate the device, get the settings right, and have a strict maintenance routine. But with our CBN disposable vapes, you don’t have to worry about all that. The device is so easy to use it doesn’t come with a button. Instead, after removing it from the package, draw from the mouthpiece to activate the device, and you’re good to go.

Rapid effects

When you want fast effects, CBN disposable vapes are the best. Unlike gummies that have to be digested to release the CBN, vapes deliver the active compounds into the lungs for absorption so you can experience the effects faster. Also, vaping has a higher bioavailability.

How Much CBN Should You Take?

Like other cannabinoids, your CBN intake has much to do with the nature of the effects you want to experience. The CBN intake isn’t standard for all consumers. It varies from person to person and is affected by various factors.

Your body weight is one of the largest factors affecting your CBN intake. When determining your intake, you can calculate it by multiplying the CBN concentration with your body. However, the ideal CBN serving should also account for the following;

  • Reason for taking CBN – The amount you take will differ depending on your reason for taking CBN. Different serving sizes produce different effects. 
  • Weight - Your weight directly determines how much CBN you should take. Depending on the size of your body, you’ll need to take a certain amount of CBN to experience noticeable effects.
  • Symptom severity – Each situation has a specific starting dosage. As you go, you’ll need to adjust the amount of CBN you take depending on the severity of the condition.
  • Body chemistry and tolerance – Like other cannabinoids, each person responds differently to CBN. What you finally settle on will look different than the dosage of another person, even when both of you are taking CBN for the same reasons.

CBN Serving by Product

The amount of CBN you take also varies depending on the product you take. Technically, no product is superior to the other. It all depends on what you're looking for. However, you should consider the following factors when determining how much CBN to take based on the type of product;


Bioavailability loosely refers to the amount of CBN that reaches the bloodstream. Some products deliver a higher amount of CBN into the bloodstream than others. The higher the bioavailability, the lower the amount of product you need. Edible CBN products, such as gummies, have the lowest bioavailability because they go through multiple biological filters, like the digestive system, liver and kidneys.

Onset time 

Onset time refers to how quickly you will feel the effects after taking a CBN product. Edible products have the longest onset while vaping and inhaling products have the shortest onset.

If you find calculating CBN intake confusing, you can take the path that many cannabinoid fans use with plenty of success: Starting with the lowest amount possible and increasing their intake gradually until they experience the right results. When using this approach, you should give your body time to adjust to CBN and monitor the effects before adjusting your intake. 

How to Take CBN By Product

Koi offers different ways to consume CBN that appeal to different types of consumers. Our range of products comes in various concentrations and flavors and provides different consumption methods to suit different preferences. 

CBN Disposable Vape Bar 

Our Koi CBN Disposable Vape is a delectable CBN-infused vape liquid packed in a compact vape device that comes pre-charged and pre-filled with CBN juice. The device is not refillable or rechargeable and is replaced when the CBN or the charge runs out. Vaping CBN provides a rapid onset of effects and is preferred among cannabis fans who want intense effects within a short time. CBN disposable vapes come with everything you need to consume the CBN. All you have to do is draw from the mouthpiece to enjoy your serving of CBN. 

CBN Gummies 

These chewy treats provide a fun and effective way to enjoy CBN and come in various flavors such as Orange Cream and Black Cherry. They are also packed with other cannabinoids, such as CBD and Delta 9 THC that enhance the overall effects and experience delivered by the gummies. For the best effects, you should take one CBN gummy orally, at least 30 minutes before bed each night. You can choose to chew and swallow the gummies, or allow them to melt in your mouth over a few minutes. Letting them melt in your mouth produces faster effects because some of the CBN is absorbed sublingually. 

Will You Fail a Drug Test When Taking CBN?

CBN, by itself, is not capable of making you fail a drug test. However, some of our CBN products contain additional cannabinoids like Delta 9 THC, which might contribute to triggering a positive result. The products are legal, and the concentrations of Delta 9 are within federal legal limits, but the tests are designed to detect the smallest concentrations of Delta 9 metabolites. 

Why Koi CBD CBN Products are a Must-try

Many leading brands have these and other CBN products. However, while diversity benefits consumers, it comes with challenges like finding reputable CBN products, and sometimes, you might land on some counterfeit products from shady CBN brands.

You can save yourself the time and struggle of sorting through multiple CBN brands and try out our tried and proven range of CBN products. We have nearly a decade of experience in the hemp industry, crafting some of the best and award-winning cannabinoid products on the market. In addition, we have perfected our production processes, with quality being at the core of every Koi CBD product. By choosing Koi CBD CBN products, you’re choosing quality, diversity, and great taste.

Here are other reasons why you should give our CBN products a try:

USA-grown hemp

The best CBN products start with sourcing the best hemp. We work with the best hemp experts and partners to find the best hemp extract for our products. We have high standards for our hemp plants, so we only use USA-grown hemp to make our products. The plants are tested to meet the highest agricultural standards and have to be organically grown. By following this procedure, we ensure we pick the best quality plants for the best quality product.

Tailored experiences

Every person experiences CBN differently. That's why we have different CBN products to cater to all consumers. The products feature various cannabinoid compositions to deliver tailored experiences and ensure you find the CBN products that offer the right results.

Taste is a priority

At Koi CBD, we are big on flavor. We want our products to be the best tasting on the market. That's why we have a team that tests every product before it hits the shelf because enjoying the journey is just as important as the benefits our CBN products deliver.

Our CBN products provide a vast selection of flavor options to suit different pallets. So finding your favorite options should be easy.

Third-party lab tested

All our CBN products are third-party lab-tested. Because the hemp industry needs more regulations, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to standardize our products and ensure we deliver quality and value to our customers. That’s why we work with ISO-certified third-party labs to test every batch of products we make for quality, composition, potency, and purity.

We have certificates of analysis available for every product on our website. So you can check every product's ingredients, contaminants, and even the CBN concentration before purchasing.

Full traceability

In the spirit of transparency, we prefer to let our consumers know the production journey of their favorite CBN products, from the plant to the final product. Therefore, we have an extensive tracking program that you can use to track your batch of CBN products from end to end of our supply chain. You can follow the production process as far back as the certified agricultural hemp seeds.

CBN might be relatively new on the market, but like other cannabinoids, it has been received with open arms and readiness. Although CBN products are still scarce, there is high demand. As a responsible hemp fan, you should always start by understanding what every new cannabinoid offers and having a reliable, reputable supplier that cares about you and delivers quality, third-party tested, and tasty products (read Koi CBD). We have all the information and CBN products you need to keep your cannabinoid journey exciting.

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