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The Best CBD for Sleep

If you’re searching for the best CBD for sleep, you’ve come to the right place. Hemp-derived cannabinoids may help you fall asleep faster and improve your sleep quality. Koi CBD products are the highest quality on the market and are infused with hemp grown and extracted in the United States. Every batch of CBD that we make has full traceability from the beginning of the process to the end. If you’re looking for CBD sleep support, you’ll also sleep better at night knowing exactly what’s in the CBD you consume.

Will CBD Help Me Sleep?

The key to making the most of CBD, including getting a better night’s rest, is to incorporate it into your daily routine. Taking CBD every day, in addition to exercise and a healthy diet, combines to promote better wellness in the day and night. When first consuming CBD, it’s best to start with a small serving, working your way up gradually over a few days until you find the amount that works best for you and your body. Our recommended CBD for sleep serving is 20 mg or more, but everybody has their own set of needs and influencing factors, so find the right amount for yours.

Nighttime CBD Sleep Support from Koi CBD

At Koi CBD, you have a range of CBD sleep products to choose from. Many other CBD sleep products only include CBD, which is what makes our products the best CBD sleep support on the market.

CBD Gummies are a great after-dinner treat to encourage a good night’s sleep, and our vegan Nighttime Rest Gummies are formulated to do just that. With 20 milligrams of the highest quality broad spectrum CBD and 5 milligrams of Melatonin per serving, these sleep gummies are tasty, potent, and perfect for rest.

For more potent sleep support, our Koi Complete CBN Gummies combine 25 mg CBD with 10 mg of sleepy cannabinoid CBN and 5 mg Delta-9 THC. When presented together in our CBN gummies, they help calm your mind, encourage relaxation, and help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep through the night.

For faster sleep support benefits, our Full Spectrum CBD + CBN Disposable Vape Bar combines full-spectrum CBD extract with CBN and calming Papaya Twist strain terpenes in a handy ready-to-go disposable vape pen. Take a few draws before bedtime to help you drift into peaceful dreams.