December 31, 2021

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10K Customer Reviews Milestone

We can’t thank our customers enough for helping us reach this milestone of 10K product reviews. When you leave a review, you're assisting others in finding the right solution and helping us create the best products we can.

We have recently passed a major milestone at Koi CBD- we’ve received over 10,000 customer reviews on our website!

At Koi, we love reviews because not only does it help other customers that may be new to CBD or new to Koi, but it helps us make the best products available.

How We Use the Feedback

Whenever someone posts a review, we get notified instantly. Whether the review received 5 stars or 1, we are always looking for ways to improve our products. From the taste of our CBD oils, to the texture of the CBD gummies, we want to ensure that every customer enjoys their Koi CBD products.

There are many companies out there that push reviews to the side, but not at Koi. Instead, we keep our reviews front and center and base how we formulate our products on the feedback of our customers. If we receive bad feedback on the taste, texture, or even the smell of a product, we go right back to the drawing board so we can make future improvements.

Good reviews can make a large impact as well! They help us to know if we’re headed in the right direction so we can continue making products that you will enjoy.

Your Reviews Help Others

Not only is your review valuable to us at Koi, but it’s also beneficial to other customers who may be new to Koi or CBD all together.

Your review can be the deciding factor on if a fellow customer chooses one of our CBD products. Your reviews help give insight into the taste, texture, and more on all of our products.

Think about it, you were new to Koi or CBD at one point and probably utilized the reviews as part of your CBD research to confirm whether or not you would be purchasing one of our products. Leaving a review can help others find the right CBD products and delta-8 products for all their needs and to Create Balance Daily.

Get Rewarded for Reviews

Beyond helping others with your review, leaving a review earns you Koi Rewards. If you have an account with us at Koi, you can earn up to 200 points by leaving reviews. Leaving a review is easy! We’ll even send you an email once you’ve received the product so you can tell others how much you love (or hate) your new Koi product!

You can also score points by following us on our social media accounts, having a birthday (which we all do), and of course making a purchase. Once you’ve earned 100 points or more, you’ll have the option at checkout to apply your points for a discount off your order total.

Visit our Koi Rewards Program page to learn more about this program and how you can benefit!

Thank You for 10K Reviews

We can’t thank our customers enough for helping us reach this milestone.

Always remember, your reviews can help a lot of people. They help us ensure our products are the best CBD products available, and they help other customers who may be new to Koi or CBD.

Keep leaving reviews and we look forward to receiving our 50,000th review in the near future. View our Koi CBD Reviews page to see all of our amazing reviews so far!
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