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August 28, 2020

CBD Flower: A New Hemp Smoking Experience

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It is now possible to enjoy smoking high-CBD hemp bud to experience the benefits of the plant while minimizing the intoxicating effects of THC. Read on to learn more!

Humans have been smoking cannabis for centuries, and this practice is actually the oldest known method of absorbing beneficial cannabinoids - including CBD. The intoxicating effects of THC have greatly overshadowed the benefits of the other cannabinoids, CBD included.

But the market is changing, and lately there has been more focus placed on CBD instead of the “high” that THC is known for.

What is CBD Flower?

Maybe it’s more commonly recognized with the name ‘hemp flower,’ which is another name for the smokable part of the plant. More people are familiar with the term ‘hemp’ because they understand that it doesn’t connote the same high that marijuana is associated with.

Did you know that hemp has over 25,000 different uses? Over the course of history, it’s been used for textiles, paper, clothing, biodegradable plastics, food, art supplies, and insulation - and that’s just the beginning. It’s actually one of the most versatile plants in the world.

Though people understand that hemp is not necessarily heavily associated with THC, the same cannot always be said for CBD itself. Slowly, though, the fact that CBD does not go hand-in-hand with getting high is becoming more mainstream. Instead, it should be associated with a feeling of general wellness and restorative health.

With more attention now focused on CBD, low-THC hemp products continue to grow in popularity for the unique ways that CBD helps the mind and body. These products typically contain CBD oil which has been extracted from hemp bud/flower - THC (often along with all of the other cannabinoids) has been removed.

The capability now exists to breed hemp plants that naturally produce very low amounts of THC, as well as high levels of CBD. These levels can be low enough to comply with the FDA’s requirement of less than 0.3% THC, allowing it to be legally produced, regulated, and sold.

cbd flower joint

How to Use CBD Flower

Many people associate CBD only with products that contain some form of hemp extract, and they’re not wrong. But it is much more versatile than that. 

Many people want to know: “Can you smoke CBD?” and the answer is yes! The bud smells like high-quality cannabis flower like that of marijuana, has the same kind of aroma and flavor, and comes in different strains.

Because the products have a high CBD content and are low in THC, it allows users to enjoy a relaxing smoking experience that promotes wellness by delivering CBD, which is absorbed quickly into the body through the lungs.

Though there is one big difference that separates hemp flower and cannabis flower (delta-9 THC content), there are many ways in which they are alike. For example, you can use hemp flower in every manner that you would use marijuana flower. These absorption methods include vaping, smoking, and including it in foods and drinks.

Many young people find the activity of vaping ‘cooler’ and more modern than smoking because there are no embers involved. Both vaping and smoking deliver effects quickly because, as stated earlier, the lungs absorb CBD faster than almost any other method of ingestion. Vaping and smoking are two highly-satisfying ways of feeling the effects of CBD.

Please note: While the content is very low, CBD hemp flower does still contain trace amounts of THC, which is good to be aware of if your system is especially sensitive to it. But for most people, the low concentration of THC will not get them high. Once again, this is not a ‘one size fits all’ statement.

What’s In CBD Flower?

Koi offers high-CBD, low-THC smokable flower that comes in pre-rolled joints as well as loose hemp bud that comes in a tin and can be smoked in a bowl, water pipe, and rolled into joints, along with a number of other methods.

What’s more, all of the naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes (which provide unique components of smell and flavor) are present, nothing is added or removed. (This is called “full-spectrum” hemp flower or oil). This allows your hemp wellness to be more complete by also providing beneficial cannabinoids that include CBG (cannabigerol), CBN (cannabinol), CBD (cannabichromene), and at least 140 others. 

Not only are all of these good on their own, but when they work together, the positive effects are multiplied (this is known as the entourage effect).

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Quality Matters Most

As always, quality is the most important factor, and it’s important to buy from a trusted brand that carries out extensive lab testing on their products to ensure safety, purity, and quality like we do at Koi. 

We offer full traceability on every batch of all types of CBD that we carry, and our hemp is produced in the USA. We test every final batch in an accredited, independent lab to make sure that the product you receive is nothing less than the finest available.

The Human Condition

CBD has been seen not only as a way in which to promote restorative wellness, but smoking hemp also encourages bonding between two or more people. It’s a commonality that humans are conditioned to search for within each other, and it’s part of who we are as social creatures to enjoy participating in an activity that makes us all feel good.

At Koi, we offer products that we’re proud of, and that our customers love. Whether you’re a newbie when it comes to CBD and hemp products or a seasoned veteran, we want to be a part of your journey. And as always, we want to answer any and all of your questions. Feel free to reach out over phone, email, or snail mail.

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