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May 15, 2024

How to Hit a Cart Without Coughing?

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When you start vaping, it’s common to go into coughing fits several times before getting used to vaping. However, with some vapers, the coughing never goes away, which can be concerning. If you’re worried about coughing when vaping or simply want to hit the ground running like a pro, this guide answers most questions on how to hit a cart without coughing.

Key Takeaways:

  • If you're new to vaping, coughing when taking a hit from your cart is normal. You just need to determine the cause of the coughing, ranging from improper vaping techniques to nicotine allergies.
  • Check the temperature of the device and vaping technique as the first measures to prevent coughing when vaping.
  • If the coughing is excessive, you should consult with a medical professional.
  • You might have allergies to some of the components in the vape liquid. Some people are sensitive to PG, which can cause coughing, among other side effects.

Why Does Vaping Make Me Cough?

Coughing from vaping is quite common. But just because it is expected, it doesn't make it any less annoying or aggravating. There are many reasons you might be coughing when vaping and many ways to fix the problem if only you can identify the reason behind it.

Damaged Cilia

Former smokers might experience coughing when they start vaping because of damaged cilia. Cigarette inhalation causes damage to the cilia. These tiny hairs on the back of your throat remove dirt and mucus from the airway, letting you breathe easily. Tobacco smoke damages these hairs, and when you quit smoking, it can take a while for them to grow back.

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As a result, new vapers who've recently quit smoking might experience some irritation that may cause coughing. This should stop once the hairs grow back.

Bad Vape or Atomizer

Advanced vape devices are responsible for ensuring the settings are just suitable for your vaping experience. If the temperature is too high or the device is not working correctly, it can cause you to cough. This is common when the temperature is set too high.

If your mod has many replaceable parts, it's also possible that one of the parts is faulty, causing the device to malfunction. The heating element usually takes most of the blame in such cases. You can contact the manufacturer for assistance.

It's also possible that you mismatched your cartomizer with the battery, which is either underperforming or delivering too much power to a low-power cart. You should always ensure you pair compatible devices for the best experience.

Poor E-liquid Quality

You should always buy the best quality vape liquid. Low-quality vape liquids can contain ingredients you're allergic to and cause you to cough. Only buy Koi e-liquids made according to US standards and regulations. This will prevent coughing and improve your experience.

High PG and Nicotine Levels

Most carts contain nicotine-infused vape liquid, which also contains propylene glycol (PG) as one of the main ingredients. Some vapers have shown sensitivity to these two ingredients, and coughing is a reported symptom of this sensitivity as the body tries to keep the airway clear.

If you suspect this could be the problem, you should consider lowering the nicotine concentration and going for vape liquids with a higher VG concentration. This might reduce your reaction to either or both ingredients and stop the coughing.

Wrong Vaping Technique

There are two primary vaping techniques. There's mouth-to-lung vaping, also called MTL. This is the best technique for new vapers. You inhale the vapor into your mouth and then into your lungs.

There's the direct-to-lung method (DL), which is common among experienced vapers. You inhale the vapor directly into your lungs. Newbies can cough when using this method. The MTL method is more forgiving.

You should also know that vape devices are designed for different vaping styles. If you have a DL vaping device, you’re more likely to cough when you vape because the devices are more airy and send a lot of vapor to your lungs.

Ensure you match your device to your vaping style for the best results and to help curb the coughing.

Dry Throat and Dehydration

At first, you will feel thirstier and dryness in your throat. The fastest and most effective fix is drinking water frequently, especially when you want to vape more frequently. This will help keep your throat lubricated and reduce the itchiness and coughing feeling of a dry throat.

How to Hit a Cart without Coughing

Now that you know what could be causing you to cough when you take a hit from your cart, what can you do about it to make vaping easier and fun for you? Potential solutions for coughing when you vape could include;

Check the Device

Start by checking if your device is working correctly and if there are any malfunctioning parts. If you're not vaping right, you can cough. Inhaling too strongly and too fast can be one of the problems.

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You should also consider changing the device to ensure your vape is slow. The vape takes a while to heat up and vaporize correctly, so give it a few seconds before taking a hit.

Check the Temperature

If your device allows for temperature personalization, you should take a second look at the heat settings. If the device is running too hot, it can burn the distillate and aggravate your throat and lungs. If you can check and adjust the voltage, you should do it. Ensure you have enough heat to vaporize the vape liquid and not too high to burn it, causing you to cough uncontrollably.

Your Vaping Techniques

Your vaping technique is crucial in delivering the right experience. Getting the technique right takes a bit of time.

When starting, take it slow when you vape. Take the hit into your mouth and not directly into your lungs until you have developed the right technique.

Taking considerable hits prevents the vape liquid from burning, which can be annoying and cause a throat burn, launching you into a coughing fete. Ensure you time the hit. If you have to take low and slow hits as you build up your technique.

Over time, the coughing should go down as you get more comfortable with your cart and vape device.

Change Devices

Vaping is highly personal. Just because a device works for one vaper doesn’t mean it will work for you. This is more common if you have a different vaping style. Changing the device you use to vape can help to stop the coughing and make your hits more comfortable. With so many vape devices on the market, you shouldn’t have a problem finding an alternative that works for you.

Master Your Technique

If you're coughing intensely, no matter which vape you use, your technique may be off. It will take some time to fix this and a bit more coughing, but it is also fixable. There are things you can keep an eye out for to maximize your experience and reduce or eliminate coughing.

Taking fast and long hits increases your chances of coughing. Keep your hits spaced out at least a few seconds apart to give the device enough time to vaporize the vape liquid properly.

Taking long and slow drags can help you keep the coughing at bay and enjoy your vape more. You should also check the vape juice ingredients when buying the cart to ensure you pick the one with the right ingredients, especially if you're sensitive to some.

Final Thoughts

If you’re struggling with coughing every time you vape, these tips should help you get a more enjoyable experience. You should also try drinking water before vaping to lubricate your throat and reduce irritation. 

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