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July 11, 2024

How to Smoke a Pre-Roll

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Joints are the oldest method of consuming cannabinoids in the book. But rolling the perfect joint is an art form only a few have mastered. If you haven’t rolled your first perfect joint, THCA pre-rolls are available, making enjoying joints much easier. However, you still have to figure out how to smoke the pre-roll, which can be challenging if it is your first time.

Key Takeaways:

  • A pre-roll is a ready-made joint that comes ready to smoke. All you have to do is light it up.
  • To smoke a pre-roll, put the tip with the filter in your mouth, light the other end, and gently pull it with your mouth.

What is a Pre-roll?

Pre-rolls are ready-made joints rolled with machines, so every roll is perfect. All you need to enjoy your pre-roll is a lighter, which makes it ideal for cannabis fans who love smoking joints.

Because of their history, joints have a cult-like following, and some options offer artisan rollers to create that boutique experience. You can get pre-rolls in various options depending on what you like. You just have to choose the right one.

Infused Pre-rolls

Infused pre-rolls are joints with added concentrate for more potency. The concentrates are usually added inside or outside the joints, or in some cases, both.

These have different types of concentrates, such as hash, wax, live rosin, and crumble. What you get purely depends on preference.

What You Should Know About Pre-rolls

Before lighting up your pre-rolls, you should know a few things about it, like how to set the mood and plan your session. Before shopping for the pre-roll, you should know that the quality of the THCA flower will impact its aroma, taste, and potency.

Always go for the best brands. It might cost more, but it’s always worth the price. Be on the lookout for lab reports and site reviews to be sure the brand is reputable.

Once you’ve settled on the right brand and found the right type of pre-roll joint, the next step is setting up the ambiance and the mood. A comfortable environment with engaging activities can be beneficial for some people, while others might prefer a silent environment to enhance the relaxing effects.

Lastly, you need to plan your session. When it comes to smoking pre-rolls, you might not get the desired results without proper planning. You also risk having less than a satisfactory experience if you don’t plan well because of interruptions and other factors.

Before your smoking session, keep your meals light, relax, and find a nice spot where you can smoke without interruptions.

First, remove the pre-roll from its container. The pre-roll might come with a plastic wrap around them.

Put the end with the filter around your mouth and get the lighter close to the other end. You can start taking a few puffs by inhaling. If it’s your first time, it’s normal to start coughing. Understand your limits and only take small inhales until you get used to the process.

Tips on How To Light a Pre-rolled Joint

First, remove the pre-roll from its container. The pre-roll might come with a plastic wrap around them.

Put the end with the filter around your mouth and get the lighter close to the other end. You can start taking a few puffs by inhaling. If it’s your first time, it’s normal to start coughing. Understand your limits and only take small inhales until you get used to the process.

Lighting your first pre-roll can be slightly daunting. You might need to learn a few tricks to help you master the process faster.

Get the Right Tools

Luckily, you don’t need a lot of tools, just a lighter. When smoking a pre-roll, a lighter is preferred over a match. A match goes out faster and doesn’t produce as much heat, which means more waiting.

Be Patient

Joints don't light up as fast as cigarettes; you need to give them more time to light up. Even with a lighter, your pre-roll won't light up immediately.

Another crucial tip is letting the tip burn a little before inhaling. It will ensure the active compounds are released, and you don't lose any solid particles by inhaling too fast.

Apply Light to the Tip of the Joint

You should apply light to the joint's tip as you would with regular cigarettes. This ensures an even burn. Some pre-rolls have a tip that makes it more pointed by creating a paper overlap, allowing for a slower and more even burn. As a pro tip, you should never remove the joint's tip.

Rotate the Joint Slowly

Before putting it in your mouth, rotate it between your thumb and index finger. It looks pointless, but it ensures an even burn. Use your other hand to light the tip. You don't have to touch the flame to the joint's tip. If your fingers aren't close to the tip, you can hold the lighter a few inches from your joint.

Start with Little Puffs

Once the joint is burning, you can start smoking it. Starting with small puffs instead of large inhales is highly recommended, especially for new smokers. If you start with big puffs, you might go into a coughing fete.

Do Not Inhale While Lighting the Joint

This is a common mistake that most newbies make, especially those with experience in smoking. If you inhale while lighting the joint, you won't see what's happening at the tip, and you will most likely end up with a fast and uneven burn that doesn't unlock all the active compounds in the flower.

How to Smoke a Pre-roll

Once the joint has a vibrant and even burn, it’s time to start smoking. This happens to be one of the most challenging steps to master. Even veterans take time to master their own techniques to get the best out of each pull.

As a guideline, we recommend inhaling from the filter side of the joint for about 5 seconds. Some prefer taking longer pulls, but a beginner might find it more difficult. So, start with smaller tokes and slowly increase the intervals as you get more comfortable. Although you should pull it into your mouth, you shouldn't let the smoke sit in your mouth. It should go down to your lungs.

Taking down the THC in your lungs ensures that most of the cannabinoids are absorbed into your blood vessels for faster effects.

Most pre-rolls can stay lit without being re-lit. However, it depends on how you smoke them. To keep them lit, you should take a small puff every 10 seconds.

How to Put Out a Pre-Roll

If your smoking session is interrupted or you want to put out your joint before it is finished, there are a couple of tricks you should know that will help you extinguish and preserve it for when you want to continue your session.

  • The golden rule is to let the joint go out by itself. You can put it on the ashtray or hold it in your fingers until it extinguishes.
  • Some joint extinguishers are designed to be used in your ashtray. They are basically a cube with a joint-sized hole in it. This way, the joint is suffocated once you put the lit end inside the cube. This is faster and preserves more of the joint.
  • Slowly apply pressure to the lit end vertically and downwards to suffocate the embers. Don’t push too hard because you will bend or squeeze the rest of the joint.

Once the joint is out, remember to put it back in the container to keep it fresh. You can follow the same lighting procedure above when you want to continue smoking.


Pre-rolls eliminate fuss while rolling the perfect joint. However, you must still master how to light them, maintain the burn, and put them off correctly, especially if you want to continue enjoying the same pre-roll later. Learning how to smoke the pre-roll the right way ensures the best outcome and smoking experience possible.

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