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I’m allergic to fibromyalgia medication and have suffered from it since I was 15 (Now 23). I also have bad anxiety. I have had panic attacks since 3rd grade. When I was a teen I smoked weed. That was the only thing to help my chronic pain and anxiety. But I haven’t smoked in years!! Well I have been using this CBD oil for about 3 months and it has helped me out tremendously!!!! I recommend this to EVERYONE that is looking for something to help their anxiety or any type of pain. I send them a link to this page and they usually message me back within 2 weeks telling me they love it! The flavors are also amazing! I’m now looking into buying the 1000mg. Thank you so much for these products! I will continue to buy from this company!

Mrs. Howle Anxiety & Fibromyalgia 500mg - Blue Koi October 6, 2017


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