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January 14, 2022

Combining Delta 8, Delta 9, and Delta 10 THC: Why Mix Cannabinoids?

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By Valerie Orta on January 14, 2022

Mixing three types of THC into a single blend offers unique effects that are different than when using just one at a time.

At Koi, we’re thrilled to offer the very first products containing a blend of delta-8 THC, delta-9 THC, and delta-10 THC. With these unique products available, now is the time to learn about this blended trio of THC’s and what it may offer you.

In this article, we’ll provide an overview of these three hemp-derived cannabinoids, explain why combining them can be beneficial, and provide considerations to keep in mind as you try the unique blend for the first time.

In This Article:

  • What are Delta 8, Delta 9, and Delta 10 THC?
  • Benefits of Blending Delta 8-9-10: How Will the Mix Make You Feel?
  • Considerations to Keep in Mind When Mixing Delta THCs
  • Types of Delta 8-9-10 Products

What are Delta 8, Delta 9, and Delta 10 THC?

Delta-8, delta-9, and delta-10 THC are each a THC cannabinoid derived from the hemp plant.

The three types of THC compounds are chemical cousins to each other, and they share a similar molecular structure minus a minor difference:

Delta-8 THC has a double bond located on its eighth carbon chain. Delta-9 and delta-10’s double bond is found in their ninth and tenth chains, respectively.

These differences influence how each compound interacts with your body’s systems and subsequently makes you feel. Delta-8 products and delta-9 products tend to be more elevating and are often used to unwind or brighten the mood. Delta-10 products generally have energizing effects that people find beneficial for improving motivation or stimulating creativity.

The three also differ in their potency. Delta-9 is the strongest of the three, followed by delta-8 and finally delta-10.

Graph displaying the potency differences between delta-8, delta-9, and delta-10 THC

Are you looking for a little more detail? Read our educational blog posts for an overview on delta-8 and an overview on delta-10.

Benefits of Blending Delta 8-9-10: How Will the Mix Make You Feel?

While each delta-THC offers benefits, some prefer to combine them for a more elevating, full-body experience. Together, the compounds offer you wholly different sensations that you may prefer for particular situations.

When it comes to the experience, most users report positive effects. Some report that a delta-8-9-10 blend has distinctive uplifting and elevating effects that enhance activities like gaming, creative work, and working out.

How these compounds together will affect you may differ from someone else. Everyone has unique body chemistry, and differences in genetics, tolerance, and other things can influence their effects.

You may find that the inclusion of delta-8 and delta-10, which are milder compared to delta-9, takes some of the edge off of delta-9. Or, together, they may offer a more intense euphoric experience.

But one thing is consistent for everyone: The experience you have mixing delta-8, delta-9, and delta-10 together will be different than when using just one at a time.

Considerations to Keep in Mind When Mixing Delta THCs

Mixing cannabinoids is not a new concept. People have been combining delta-9 THC with CBD for years, so it’s not a far-fetched idea to blend delta-8, delta-9, and delta-10. These combinations can help us meet our wellness needs.

As you begin with a delta THC blend, start with a smaller serving and see how it makes you feel before increasing your intake. Separately, these cannabinoids can provide you with uplifting, calming, or stimulating effects to suit a particular activity or mood. Together, their effects could be different. The best way to find out if a delta-8-9-10 mix is right for you is to try it.

As with any cannabinoid products, do your due diligence and only use products made using responsible manufacturing processes and verified for quality and safety through an accredited, third-party lab. You should also talk with your doctor or medical care provider before adding anything to your health routine.

Types of Delta 8-9-10 Products

At Koi, we’re the first to offer products with the unique blend of the three delta THC’s.

Our Koi Delta 8-9-10 Pop Crystals use next-generation technology for fast absorption and effects. These small, sweet-tasting crystals create a popping reaction as they dissolve in your mouth.

Each packet combines 20 mg of delta 8 THC, 10 mg of delta 9 THC, and 20 mg of delta 10 THC for a total of 50 mg of THC. Choose from three delicious flavors: Blue Raspberry, Strawberry Lemonade, and Tropical.

Delta 8-9-10 crystals></p><p>
	Also available are our 
	<a href=Koi Delta 8-9-10 Energy Shots, which combine the trio of hemp-derived delta THC’s with natural energizing ingredients Taurine, Ginseng Root Extract, Caffeine, Guarana Extract, and Ginkgo.

Each 2 fl oz bottle contains a total of 50 mg of THC, consisting of 20 mg of delta-8 THC, 10 mg of delta-9 THC, and 20 mg of delta-10 THC. It comes in three tasty flavors: Blue Raspberry, Peach Watermelon, and Pineapple Mango.

Delta 8-9-10 Beverage

Another option if you’re interested in experiencing the unique uplifting effects of a delta-8-9-10 blend is to combine single delta-THC products on your own.

For example, you could take half of a Koi Delta 8 Gummy, half of a Koi Delta 9 Gummy, and half of a Koi Delta 10 Gummy. This blend would provide you with 12 ½ mg of delta-8 THC, 5 mg of delta-9 THC, and 12 ½ mg of delta-10 THC for a total of 30 mg of THC.

Get Started with Delta 8-9-10 Blends

If Delta-8-9-10 THC products sound like they’d be beneficial to you, visit the Koi CBD online shop to order your Koi Delta 8-9-10 Pop Crystals and Koi Delta 8-9-10 Energy Shots today.

Or, visit the Koi blog to learn more about the well-being advantages of new hemp cannabinoids like delta-8, delta-9, delta-10, and more.

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