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Since you’re here, we’re guessing you’ve already heard about CBD. If you haven’t, a brief overview: it’s an amazing natural compound found in the hemp plant. While it was first discovered in the 1940s, only in recent years has it been widely used to promote balance and wellness. And today, it’s used by millions of people.

Thanks to growing demand for CBD products, you’ll find that the compound is now available in a wide array of product types.

One such type is CBD vape juice, a liquid-form oil containing CBD that’s designed to work with vaporizers. Vaping CBD is one of the most popular ways to enjoy the natural-balancing benefits of this remarkable hemp compound because it offers several advantages.

The key for you and other consumers, however, is to make sure you’re only vaping high-quality and safe CBD vape juice. Keep reading to learn even more about CBD vape juice and its benefits, and how to make sure you get the best CBD vape juice products on the market.

What is CBD?

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is one of more than 100 naturally occurring cannabinoids in the hemp plant. Despite being the lesser-known cousin to well-known THC, CBD is the most abundant cannabinoid in hemp.

CBD is used for different reasons than THC. While THC is best known for its noticeably uplifting effects, CBD doesn’t elicit any type of euphoric effects and instead promotes a sense of calm and balance. CBD has been widely used for its centering and calming benefits. By supporting the body’s own endocannabinoid system, CBD can be helpful for better managing everyday stress, promoting healthier sleep habits, and many other benefits.

Those who use CBD often do so every day, because they notice changes in how they feel and function during the day and sleep better at night. These effects have been why many people have added CBD into their daily wellness routine.

What is CBD Vape Juice?

CBD vape juice is a hemp-based cannabinoid product that’s specifically formulated for vaping with the help of a vaporizer or e-cigarette. These vape juices contain several ingredients to enhance the vaping experience and performance, but the main and active compound in the CBD vape juices is CBD itself.

If you enjoy variety and flavor, CBD vape juice could be a good way to go. There are many choices of CBD vape juice products available with the goal of catering to everybody’s needs and preferences. Not to mention, CBD vape juice has quickly risen to the top of preferred CBD products thanks to the growing rave surrounding the practice of vaping.

Is CBD Vape Juice the Same as CBD Vape Oil?

In your quest to find the best CBD vape juice, you will come across another often-used term, “CBD vape oil.” In most instances, the term refers to the same product and is used interchangeably with CBD vape juice.

However, you may want to seek clarification from the brand you’re considering, because in most cases CBD oils are only meant for taking orally and not designed for vaping. It never hurts to ask a few questions to ensure you have the right product.

Is CBD Vape Juice Legal?

Before going any further, you must be wondering whether CBD vape juice is legal. You’re not alone.

In short, yes – CBD vape juice is legal. CBD vape juice is legal under the federal 2018 Farm Bill, provided the CBD it’s made with comes from hemp. Legal CBD vape juice must also contain no more than 0.3% Delta-9 THC by dry weight.

Legal CBD vape juice should have the CBD extracted from certified hemp strains with a low THC yield. The final product should not have more than 0.3% Delta-9 THC by dry weight.

While CBD vape juice is federally legal, state laws on CBD can vary. Before purchasing or consuming any CBD products, you should find out what your state laws on CBD are.

How is CBD Vape Juice Made?

Making CBD vape juice is relatively straightforward, especially at Koi CBD, where we aim to keep our CBD products as natural as possible by adding the least amount of ingredients. Our CBD vape juices only comprise the essential elements necessary to guarantee an exceptional vaping experience and ensure the delivery and absorption of CBD in the body.

The ingredients in your CBD vape juice can vary depending on the type of CBD vape juice you select. Should you choose our CBD vape juice, the key ingredients in our CBD vape juice range are:

  • CBD – CBD is the primary ingredient and the active compound in CBD vape juice. Our CBD is harvested from the best, USA-grown hemp plants using quality processes that reduce human error and contamination, guaranteeing product purity and safety.
  • Propylene glycol - Propylene glycol or PG is a commonly used food additive and is “generally recognized as safe” by the FDA. It is colorless and odorless with a slightly faint sweet taste. It’s often added to CBD vape juice to form the base of the liquid and enhance the vaping experience.
  • Vegetable glycerin – While PG is thin, VG is a thick liquid with a sweet taste often added to vape juice to produce dense clouds. VG, also “generally recognized as safe” by the FDA, is also used in some foods, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical medicines. The ideal CBD vape juice blend has the right amount of PG and VG for balanced performance and a superb vaping experience.
  • Flavorings – Flavorings are used to give each CBD vape juice its taste and fragrance. Depending on your personal preference, when you vape, you can enjoy the sweet, refreshing flavor of fruits, the smooth taste of flavors like vanilla, or the strong, cooling taste of mint.

Types of CBD Vape Juice

CBD vape juices come in various flavors and CBD strengths. You can also classify them by the type of CBD extract used. At Koi, our CBD vape juices are crafted with isolated CBD to deliver the compound’s balancing benefits while allowing people to avoid detectable amounts of THC.

CBD isolate CBD vape juice

CBD isolate CBD vape juice is for those only interested in CBD and nothing else but the CBD. CBD isolate comes from full spectrum hemp extract, but goes through additional processing after extraction to remove all the other compounds and cannabinoids. In its natural state, CBD isolate is 99% CBD and comes in crystalline or powder form.

Because CBD isolate doesn’t contain other cannabinoids, terpenes, or flavonoids, it presents the valuable plant compound in its purest form. It’s also a very versatile form of CBD and can be easily infused into a multitude of products, including CBD vape juice.

Benefits of CBD isolate

CBD isolate products are ideal for anyone interested in adding CBD to their wellness routine. CBD vape juice that’s made with CBD isolate also provides vapers with a worry-less alternative if you’re looking to avoid detectable amounts of THC. While there are benefits to consuming CBD with the plant’s other naturally occurring compounds, evidence suggests that CBD isolate still delivers a long list of natural wellness benefits by promoting overall balance. Simply put, CBD isolate vape juice makes an excellent wellness-supporting option for both experienced and inexperienced CBD users.

How to Use CBD Vape Juice

You can significantly enhance your CBD vape juice experience by knowing how to vape CBD correctly from the onset. Although it seems like a complicated process, it’s easy and straightforward with the right device and information. Here’s what you will need to vape CBD:


There are several reasons you need to get a vaporizer before the CBD juice itself. The main one is that there are multiple types of vaporizers, some of which are designed to work with cartridges that are pre-filled, so you don’t have to worry about getting them separately. Also, depending on the type of vaporizer you have, the type of CBD vape juice you can use varies slightly.

For first-time vapers, it’s best to start with a simple vaporizer with pods that are designed to be refilled, such as our Koi Stik Vaporizer and easy to fill Koi Pods. This setup also allows you to sample from our long line of CBD vape juices.

CBD vape juice

Once you have the proper vaping hardware, you can shift your focus to CBD vape juice. You have several types of CBD vape juices to choose from in different flavors and concentrations depending on your vaping experience and preference.

Fill the vaporizer

The next step after you have everything you need to vape is filling the vaporizer’s tank with your preferred CBD vape juice. After filling, allow the device some time for the wick to soak in the CBD vape juice.


After allowing time to steep, you can fire up the device and start vaping. Some devices will turn on automatically once they detect you taking a draw from the mouthpiece. More advanced vaporizers will require you to click the firing button several times (the exact number varies depending on the device) to power on the device and then press and hold the firing button to vape.

How Does Vaping CBD Make You Feel?

CBD can bring about different effects in different people, so your actual experience might vary from someone else’s. However, the way CBD works in the body is the same. Once absorbed, CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system, a major regulatory network. This interaction promotes a sense of balance, so most CBD vapers report feeling calm and centered after vaping CBD. Others also report feeling alert and better able to focus, particularly if they vape CBD in small amounts throughout the day. Vaping CBD might affect you differently, but most people generally notice they feel better during the day and sleep better at night.

Benefits of CBD Vape Juice

Should you decide to go down the CBD vape juice path, it comes with some exciting benefits:

Rapid effects

One of the reasons many CBD fans love vaping is because of how fast it delivers the compound to your body’s systems. Unlike other methods of consuming CBD, where you can wait for minutes or even hours before you start experiencing the balancing effects, with vaping, with vaping the results are almost instant. When vaped, CBD is absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the lungs, allowing you to enjoy the compound’s balancing benefits in the shortest time.

High bioavailability

The body has excellent filtration systems that can break down and filter out some of the CBD like the digestive process and the liver resulting in low bioavailability. To experience the same effects, you must take more CBD. Vaping CBD bypasses such processes and delivers the CBD directly into the bloodstream, so you only need a small amount to experience the desired effects. It saves on your CBD vape juice because you only need a small amount while ensuring you get the same intense effects.

Easy measuring

CBD vape juices come with the CBD concentration indicated on the packaging. You can calculate how much CBD you need depending on your experience and desired CBD intake. Most find it easier to determine their CBD intake by how many puffs they take.

Also, because vaping delivers immediate effects, it’s easy for you to quickly assess how you are feeling and determine if you need to vape more. However, if you’re new to vaping, we recommend starting with two puffs as you monitor how your body responds before increasing your intake.

Enjoyable and relaxing

Even without considering the CBD effects, many people who vape report that the activity of vaping is relaxing. Blowing thick clouds is guaranteed to calm down your nerves and give you that tranquil feeling. Coupled with the cool and techy appearance of vaporizers, it’s no wonder that vaping is trending right now.

Portable and discrete

There are tons of vaping devices on the market to suit your wants and needs. Some portable and disposable CBD vape pen devices are perfect for on-the-road use and take too much luggage space. Also, vaping CBD vape juice is not in any way different from regular vape juice. It doesn’t produce any distinct odor, making it easy to enjoy your CBD vape juice in public without attracting attention.


There are several Koi CBD vape juice products you can choose from. Each provides a uniquely flavorful experience. You can always keep your CBD vape juice experience exciting with the wide range of CBD vape juices we offer. The juices come in varying CBD concentrations and come in different flavors. So, no matter what you're in the mood for, it's easy to find a CBD vape juice that will easily deliver to your expectations, be it flavor-wise or in terms of experience.

What to Consider When Buying CBD Vape Juice

With the popularity that CBD and vaping are receiving right now, the market is flooded with substandard CBD vape juices made from low-quality ingredients. It’s up to you to ensure you purchase the best quality CBD from reputable sources. Because we understand not everyone is an expert in CBD, we put together a few tips to help you pick the best CBD vape juices in the market:


In the CBD world, the reputation of a brand is everything – okay, not everything, but most of it. Finding a reputable brand that focuses on making quality CBD vape juices using the best ingredients is easier said than done in the CBD circles. But, your CBD vaping experience depends on it.

You should go for a well-known brand with many positive reviews from previous users to give you an idea of what to expect and gauge the quality of CBD vape juice.

Third-party testing

Every reputable CBD brand that cares about its customers’ peace of mind and safety ensures all its CBD vape juices are subjected to third-party testing from a credible lab, and the certificates of analysis (CoA) are easily accessible on the brand’s website.

The CoA is the only way to verify the quality of the CBD vape juice you select, identify the quality of the ingredients used, and determine the purity. If you notice that the CoAs are a well-guarded secret, it’s a red flag that you should possibly try another brand.


At Koi CBD, we try to keep our CBD vape juice formulas as simple and healthy as possible. However, this might not be the case for other brands. Regardless, you should always for CBD vape juices that use high-quality flavoring in their CBD vape juices and the least possible ingredients without affecting the vaping experience or the performance of the CBD.

Go through the ingredients list carefully, looking for ingredients with complicated names you've never heard of before. Research and find out what every ingredient is and what it does before buying the product. Manufacturers can try to cut prices through shortcuts that can adversely affect quality. That’s why you should understand the composition of your CBD vape juice.


Finding good-quality CBD vape juice that doesn’t dent your finances is possible. While you shouldn’t go for the cheapest option because cheap can be expensive, you shouldn’t also grab the first CBD vape juice you see with a crazy price tag.

If you know the characteristics of a good CBD vape juice, you can find high-quality options that are affordably priced that you will enjoy and experience the expected effects.

Why You Should Purchase Koi CBD Vape Juice

We can’t emphasize enough how important it is for you to take the time to find the right CBD vape juices for the right price and from the right brands. At Koi CBD, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to educate people about CBD and CBD products, because we understand the powerful wellness benefits they can offer. We’ve also delivered a stunning line of CBD products that includes delectable CBD vape juices packed with numerous benefits. Here’s why you should consider trying out our CBD vape juices:

USA grown hemp

The best CBD vape juice begins with sourcing the best hemp. We have partnered with outstanding, experienced experts who understand CBD and find the best quality CBD for our extract. The hemp we use for our CBD extract is grown in the US in fertile soils and in a highly controlled environment to guarantee maximum CBD yield.

The hemp is also thoroughly tested to ensure it meets the highest consistency and agricultural quality standards before being processed for CBD extract.

Third-party testing

We’ve been champions of quality and safe CBD products for years, and we lead by example. Our CBD vape juice products are tested in ISO-accredited third-party labs for purity, potency, and composition.

The vape juices are tested for multiple contaminants, including pesticides, herbicides, and heavy metals, to ensure they are safe for human consumption. We provide our customers with complete and detailed CoAs on our website for easy access to ensure you get as much information as possible before purchasing your preferred CBD vape juice.

Batch level transparency

With Koi CBD, you know precisely what is in your CBD vape juice. We provide you with full ingredients lists and accessible CoA to help you make informed choices on the CBD vape juices you select. We also have batch-level transparency on our products that allow you to trace back the origin of you products down to their production batch. /p>

Get your CBD vape journey started on the right foot with our vast range of CBD vape juices. We guarantee quality products that deliver an incredible experience and potent results. 

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Legal Status

Koi’s cannabinoid products are legal under the 2018 Farm Bill. Signed into law in December 2018, the federal legislation legalizes hemp, which the law defines as any part of the plant, including all derivatives, with no more than a 0.3 percent concentration of THC. This includes hemp-derived cannabinoids like CBD, delta-8 THC, and many more.

While these hemp products are legal federally, guidelines can and do vary by state due to differing controlled substances laws. Some states have banned some hemp cannabinoids.
The information presented is not legal advice, is not to be acted on as such, may not be current and is subject to change without notice.

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