August 2, 2022


Experience Powerful Targeted Relief with New Koi Full Spectrum CBD Balm

Our new higher-potency CBD balm is crafted with full-spectrum CBD extract and a generous 3,000 mg of CBD for an entirely new level of topical support.

Is everyday tension causing issues in your muscles and joints? Or are you experiencing patches of unhappy skin that need nourishment?

We’ve got you covered.

Introducing our most potent CBD topical to date: Koi Full Spectrum CBD Balm!

Koi Full Spectrum CBD Balm is made with full spectrum hemp extract, delivering the full list of valuable cannabinoids, terpenes, vitamins, and other compounds naturally occurring in the plant. This includes an incredible 3,000 mg of CBD for more powerful topical support. A blend of a dozen soothing natural oils – such as eucalyptus leaf oil, rosemary leaf oil, spearmint oil, and lavender flower oil – offer an immediate soothing sensation.

Ready to get started? Head to the Koi CBD online store to shop for Koi Full Spectrum CBD Balm.

Topical CBD products like our new full-spectrum balm can ease tired muscles and joints and support softer, more supple skin. As described in our guide to CBD topicals, some of the everyday challenges Koi Full Spectrum CBD Balm can be helpful with include:
  • Overworked muscles and joints after strenuous workouts or physically demanding work
  • Tense wrists and forearms from long hours at the computer
  • Tired feet from standing for hours at a time
  • Troubled or dry areas of skin
  • Irritated skin from damaging environmental elements like UV rays
This new full-spectrum CBD topical product is for those needing more powerful targeted relief. In addition to a high concentration of balancing CBD, Koi Full Spectrum CBD Balm offers the powerful entourage effect that comes from using the plant’s compounds altogether. When used together, CBD and the other compounds work synergistically to enhance their effects.

As a topical, Koi Full Spectrum CBD Balm lets you direct these powerful entourage effects right to the areas that need attention. Massage it into your skin as needed (even multiple times a day) or regularly for a more preventative care approach.

Our new Koi Full Spectrum CBD Balm expands our popular line of topical CBD products, which also includes our Koi Naturals CBD Balm made with broad-spectrum CBD, and our Koi Pain Relieving CBD Gel Roll-On with broad-spectrum CBD and cooling menthol. All Koi topicals are third-party tested by accredited labs to ensure their purity and potency.

Head to the Koi CBD online shop to get started with the new Koi Full Spectrum CBD Balm, or visit our CBD shop finder to find a local retailer near you.
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