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An apple a day can keep munchies at bay. Is that the saying? Either way, Koi THCV + ACV Gummies are your natural solution. Using a perfect blend of apple cider vinegar with “mother”, hemp-derived THCV, and antioxidant-rich Acai, these tasty strawberry acai-flavor gummies can help deliver the focused energy you need to keep going strong all day.

Koi gummies are made according to cGMP regulations and carefully blended to ensure consistency. Third-party lab testing verifies compliance and purity.

Note: THCV is NOT CBD and the resulting effect can be felt by people when consumed in high amounts.

Product Specifications

  • Healthy appetite support: Great for health-conscious people on the go
  • Delicious strawberry acai flavor
  • 10 mg hemp-derived THCV and 600 mg apple cider vinegar per gummy
  • 20 gummies per jar for a total of 200 mg of THCV
  • Each gummy also contains 75 mg of antioxidant-rich Acai

Koi THCV Gummies with Apple Cider Vinegar offer natural wellness designed to keep you moving.

Stay on task and get things done. THCV with apple cider vinegar supports concentration so you spend more of your day focused on what matters.

THCV Gummies with Apple Cider Vinegar
3rd Party Lab Tested

Before they reach you, Koi products are independently analyzed to ensure potency, consistency, and quality by an accredited, third-party laboratory.

Tailored Experiences

At Koi, you’ll find the full spectrum of benefits hemp has to offer so you can create the exact experience you seek for every situation, every single time.

Feel-Good Effects

Being happy doesn't just make us feel better, it improves our health. Thankfully, Koi is there when you need a quick fix to brighten your mood.

USA Grown Hemp

Quality starts at the source, and our home-grown hemp sets the stage for gold standard products we feel confident sharing with our friends and family.

Delicious, Always

Every single Koi product is crafted with taste in mind and tested by our team, because enjoying the journey is just as important as where you're going.

Suggested Use

Adults enjoy one gummy every 6 hours or as needed.


Store in a cool, dry place away from heat and light.


Sugar, Organic Tapioca Syrup, Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV), Acai Powder, Water, Pectin, Less Than 2% Of: Natural And Artificial Flavors, Sodium Citrate, Sunflower Oil, Sodium Acid Sulfate, Citric Acid (As Preservative), Natural And Artificial Food Coloring, Hemp-Derived Delta 9 Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV), Folic Acid, Vitamin B12


  • If you have not taken THCV before or have questions, please contact our customer service via live chat or email customerservice@koicbd.com so that we can assure you get the best possible experience from our products.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • Not intended for use by anyone under 21 years of age.
  • Do not operate a vehicle or heavy equipment when taking this product.
  • Do not use if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have a medical condition, or are taking any medication.
  • Consult your physician before use.
  • Do not take this product if you are subject to drug testing.

Frequently Asked Questions

THCV, short for tetrahydrocannabivarin, is a cannabinoid found in hemp. While similar to THC in molecular structure, THCV offers unique benefits and effects. Discover more through our 'What is THCV?' educational article.
Nicknamed the “race car” of cannabinoids, THCV reportedly provides feelings of energy, focus, and motivation. Users have shared that they use THCV gummies for healthy appetite support. THCV can elicit euphoric effects when consumed in high enough quantities. Keep in mind that everyone has unique body chemistry and THCV gummies can affect people differently.
While THCV and THC share a similar molecular structure, they are derived from different parent molecules and elicit different effects. While THC has noticeable euphoric effects, THCV gummies are only intoxicating if a large serving is consumed.
Here at Koi, we set the standard for CBD quality and are now leading the way with new cannabinoids like THCV. Our gummies are made with premium hemp extract and tested by an accredited, independent lab to ensure their purity and potency.
As hemp is federally legal in the United States, Koi THCV + ACV Gummies made with hemp-derived THCV are legal throughout the United States. As required by Federal Law, Koi THCV products are derived from hemp and contain a total Delta-9 THC concentration that does not exceed .3%.

THCV Gummies

One type of hemp cannabinoid product stands above the rest: Edibles, like gummies, are the most popular go-to and it’s simple to see why. They are easy to use and come in various flavors that make them more appealing to anyone seeking the benefits of cannabinoids, especially those just starting their hemp journey.

Gummies are the most sought-after because of their sweet flavors and consistent potency. Regardless of why you’re considering gummies as your go-to, you'll be happy to learn that almost every hemp compound comes in the form of gummies. That includes one of the newest cannabinoids on the block – THCV.

What is THCV?

There's a good chance you haven't heard of THCV yet. It's relatively new on the market, and not many people have had a chance to try it. So, here's a quick overview of it to give you some perspective on what THCV is and the benefits it can provide before trying out THCV gummies.

THCV was first discovered in the 1970s. It's a cousin of THC but doesn’t have noticeable uplifting effects unless taken in high amounts. Recently, the compound has risen in popularity because of its appetite support properties we will dive into below. However, THCV's rise to the limelight has also been because of its energetic and lighter uplifting effect that appeals to people that find euphoric cannabinoids like Delta 9 THC a little too intense. THCV benefits can be summed up by its earned nickname of “sports car” of cannabinoids because it can support drive and motivation.

Are There Differences Between THCV, THC, and CBD?

The influx of new cannabinoids on the market might leave you a bit confused, especially because they come from the same plant. Although there are some similarities between THCV, THC, and CBD, they have distinct differences in how they interact with your body’s systems and their effects.


The differences between THC and THCV start with their structure. THCV has an additional chain of atoms at the end of the molecule. The "V" in THCV stands for Varin, the suffix at the end of its scientific name – Tetrahydrocannabivarin. Varin indicates this addition of a chain of atoms present at the end of a molecule.

The THCV molecular structure contains 19 carbon atoms, 26 hydrogen atoms, and two oxygen atoms. It's denoted as C19H26O2.

The extra chain of atoms makes all the difference. This slight structural difference means THCV behaves differently and similarly simultaneously. For starters, THCV has lighter uplifting, and more energizing effects than THC. That’s why THCV is primarily used for daytime support, to help with focus and drive to get things done.


THCV and CBD are both cannabinoids that come from the hemp plant. That is as far as the similarities go. They have differentiating factors that include:

  • THCV can elicit energizing feelings of euphoria, while CBD doesn’t
  • CBD is primarily used to promote everyday wellness, while THCV is generally used on an as-need basis when drive and motivation are needed

The two compounds have different chemical structures and work differently in the body. However, while THCV, THC, and CBD offer unique benefits, they can work synergistically in your body if you incorporate them both into your wellness and balance routine.

What are THCV Gummies?

THCV gummies have emerged as the most preferred form of enjoying THCV. They are small, bite-sized, delicious edibles that come in a flurry of delicious flavors. For cannabinoid enthusiasts who value convenience and taste, they fit the bill perfectly! If you've tried any wellness gummy, THCV gummies borrow the same idea but are infused with THCV and its benefits.

At Koi CBD, we value quality, consistency, and delivering a great experience. That’s why when crafting our THCV gummies we prioritize ensuring you get a consistent serving of THCV, a range of delicious flavors to choose from, and an industry-leading quality standard that you can rely on.

Are THCV Gummies Legal?

When derived from hemp, THCV is federally legal to buy and use in the United States. Just like CBD, THCV is legal under the 2018 Farm Bill. THCV gummies must comply with all federal regulations to be legal, including being made with THCV that comes from hemp and containing no more than 0.3% delta 9 THC by dry weight.

How are THCV Gummies Made?

Every THCV gummies brand has a unique approach to making gummies. Some are of higher quality than others.

The process of making THCV gummies starts with the production of THCV. The naturally occurring compound is extracted from the plant. THCV can also be created from hemp-derived CBD.

The gummies are crafted using a series of ingredients, including THCV. The best quality gummies will have simple, recognizable ingredients. If you notice your preferred THCV gummies brand has a lot of additives and artificial colors, it’s best to keep away.

At Koi CBD, we only use the best ingredients, processes, and testing when making out THCV gummies. Because we prioritize quality and safety, you can feel comfortable knowing you’re getting gummies that are delicious and effective, as well as entirely safe for consumption.

Benefits of Taking THCV Gummies

As is the case with other cannabinoids, THCV products are growing more popular by the day. More and more people are discovering the benefits of the cannabinoid and have found THCV gummies the best way to add it to their day. Some of the benefits of THCV gummies include:

Easy to consume

THCV gummies are the easiest products to use. There’s no measuring or equipment needed to get your serving of THCV. Each gummy contains a consistent THCV milligram total, so you know how much you’re getting every time. All you need to do is enjoy a gummy whenever it is desired.


It’s hard to differentiate THCV gummies from other types of wellness gummies from the appearance alone. That makes gummies a preferred method of consumption for THCV enthusiasts that want complete discretion while they take their THCV but usually find themselves in public settings most of the time.

Prolonged effects

Edibles may take a little longer for the onset of effects. That’s because edibles, including gummies, must go through digestion before entering the bloodstream. The upside to this is when the THCV does get into the bloodstream, it's released over a longer period, which means you get to enjoy the effects longer.

Perfect for beginners

Being new at anything feels overwhelming. THCV gummies take most of the worry and concern out of the experience of starting a THCV routine. You don’t have to worry about getting your servings perfect or trying to use complex equipment. Just grab a THCV gummy jar from our store and enjoy it as needed. Gummies eliminate the learning curve and allow you to enjoy the experience right from the first gummy.

Tasty flavors

While THCV and its wellness benefits are the shining stars of THCV gummies, it would be a miss to overlook the delicious experiences the gummies provide. Our gummies come in a tasty strawberry acai flavor that adds delight to your THCV routine.

Why Should You Buy THCV Gummies?

Researchers are still discovering more about the benefits of THCV. Anecdotal reports from those who have tried the gummies suggest some exciting benefits which have contributed to the rapid rise of THCV and THCV gummies. These benefits include:

A motivating experience

THCV has carved out a niche for itself with its unique effects. It has energizing feelings of euphoria that drive motivation and focus. The gummies are the perfect way to start your morning or during that afternoon slump to give yourself the much-needed jolt of energy that will keep you going through the day. What makes this experience stand out is that THCV also tends to have a clear-headed effect that is vital in keeping you at the top of your game and focused throughout the day.

Healthy appetite support

Most people make THCV gummies part of their healthy eating routine because of their ability to support more responsible eating choices. Many consumers trying to better manage their eating habits add THCV to provide additional support to give them better chances of achieving their health goals.

What Makes Koi THCV Gummies Stand Out?

You have choices when it comes to THCV gummies. Because of high demand, new manufacturers jump into the market every day to try to take advantage. The downside to this is that it can be hard to distinguish between the many THCV gummies on the market. In short, the products are not made equal.

Koi CBD has been a reliable source of high-quality and safe cannabinoids since 2015. We've created a reputation as a brand driven by delivering quality and delicious products while also educating people on the benefits of our products and of the hemp plant at large. Some of the reasons you should consider purchasing our THCV gummies are:

USA-grown hemp

Our THCV comes from hemp plants grown in the USA under the best conditions and nutrient-rich soils to guarantee the best cannabinoid profile. The hemp plants are regularly tested and verified to meet the highest agricultural standards and consistency before they’re used to make our THCV.

Accredited third-party lab testing

Third-party testing and reporting have become standard for reputable THCV manufacturers who value the trust of their customers. At Koi CBD, our THCV gummies are subjected to rigorous testing by ISO-certified third-party labs. Every batch of gummies goes through a myriad of tests for potency, composition, and quality. The gummies are also screened for common contaminants like pesticides and heavy metals.

We have comprehensive certificates of analysis posted on our website for easy access. You can obtain all the information you need about our THCV gummies to make an informed decision before buying the gummies.

Carefully considered production and packaging

We take serious consideration in our production processes and practices to ensure we’re always leading the way in quality and consistency standards. We use the best processes in the industry and systems to minimize contamination and human error.

Our efforts to deliver don’t stop at the production stage. We also ensure we provide quality packaging with insightful labeling highlighting the ingredients in the THCV gummies and directions of use. We aim to ensure you get the best experience and have the easiest time enjoying our gummies.

Batch level transparency

Anyone using THCV should be able to track the manufacturing process of their gummies right down to their production batch. With our batch-level transparency, you can easily determine the production process of your batch of gummies and even obtain the specific CoA for the gummies. This is crucial for ensuring you can confirm the details and third-party reports of your selected THCV gummies.

Full panel analysis

With a full-panel analysis of our THCV gummies, third-party labs run tests to verify purity, ingredients, and lack of contaminants in every batch. We go over and beyond to safeguard your health, and the full panel analysis is one of the ways to do this. The results of the analysis are captured in the CoA.

What Should You Consider When Buying THCV Gummies?

Buying THCV gummies isn’t something you should take lightly. With the influx of new manufacturers, it’s easy to land on substandard gummies that could have adverse effects. Although it might take some time to identify the best THCV gummies, a little due diligence can set you up for a much better experience.


THCV gummies are federally legal, as long as manufacturers ensure the products they make meet federal regulations. The THCV gummies you consider should be made from hemp and have delta 9 THC levels that don’t exceed 0.3% by dry weight. Check to see that the THCV gummies meet these two requirements before buying.

Quality ingredients

Unlike other products like THCV oils, gummies require additional ingredients for everything to gel together. Some manufacturers may cut corners by using low-quality ingredients and fillers.

Ensure you purchase THCV gummies made using THCV derived from quality hemp. And take a look at the ingredients list. If there's something, you don't know in the ingredients list, research it before purchasing the product to make sure it aligns with your personal wellness goals.

At Koi CBD, we use quality ingredients to ensure our gummies have great taste and consistency without taking away from the benefits of THCV.

Safety and quality testing

Confirm the safety and quality of THCV gummies by checking the CoAs and double-checking to ensure the brand you choose has its products third-party lab tested. Testing will verify the composition of the gummies, so you're sure there are no ingredients that have been omitted.

Check the potency and the quality of the gummies. The report will also show if the gummies contain any common contaminants and to what degree. Agreeably, this is vital information for your health and plays a vital role in determining the gummies you buy. If there’s no third-party lab report, that’s a red flag. You should consider buying gummies from another brand.

Brand reputation

A surefire way to ensure you get the best THCV gummies is to look at the reputation of a brand. For online stores, it's a much easier process than you'd think. Start by digging around for reviews on the website, particularly on the THCV gummies, to see the types of experiences other consumers have had with the product. You can also check out other third-party review websites for additional and unbiased reviews about the brand. Going for reputable brands better guarantees a good customer and shopping experience aside from getting excellent THCV gummies.

Need a Little Help?

If you have questions about a product you’re considering or want guidance on choosing the product, our customer service team is here to help Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 4:30 pm PT.

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Legal Status

Koi’s cannabinoid products are legal under the 2018 Farm Bill. Signed into law in December 2018, the federal legislation legalizes hemp, which the law defines as any part of the plant, including all derivatives, with no more than a 0.3 percent concentration of THC. This includes hemp-derived cannabinoids like CBD, delta-8 THC, and many more.

While these hemp products are legal federally, guidelines can and do vary by state due to differing controlled substances laws. Some states have banned some hemp cannabinoids.
The information presented is not legal advice, is not to be acted on as such, may not be current and is subject to change without notice.

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