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Go on an unforgettable journey with THC-O, a forceful derivative of THC that is known to stimulate deep thought and introspection. Made with a blend of THC-O, delta-8 THC, and strain-specific terpenes, our THC-O Vape Cartridges are free of additives and fillers for an unparalleled vaping experience. Available in indica, sativa, and hybrid strains and compatible with standard batteries that support a 510 threaded cartridge.

All Koi vapes are third-party lab tested to ensure consistency and high quality.

Note: THC-O is NOT CBD. THC-O is a powerful compound that is more potent than both Delta-8 and Delta-10, and the resulting effect is felt strongly by most people.

Product Specifications

  • Powerful cerebral effects: Great for deep thinking, reflection, and creative work
  • Available in three strains:
  • Banana OG (Indica): Users report relaxing and calming effects
  • Blue Walker (Sativa): Users report a creative, mind-stimulating effect
  • Cherry Pie (Hybrid): Users report a full-body, relaxing cerebral experience
  • 1 gram per cartridge
  • Ceramic coil, compatible with standard 510 threaded batteries
  • No additives, fillers, or cutting agents

THC-O Vape Cartridges are your ticket to a transcendent, spiritual journey.

Experience a new level of introspection. Far more powerful than other cannabinoids, THC-O anchors your mind and body in deep relaxation.

THC-O Cartridge for Vaping
3rd Party Lab Tested

Before they reach you, Koi products are independently analyzed to ensure potency, consistency, and quality by an accredited, third-party laboratory.

Tailored Experiences

At Koi, you’ll find the full spectrum of benefits hemp has to offer so you can create the exact experience you seek for every situation, every single time.

Feel-Good Effects

Being happy doesn't just make us feel better, it improves our health. Thankfully, Koi is there when you need a quick fix to brighten your mood.

USA Grown Hemp

Quality starts at the source, and our home-grown hemp sets the stage for gold standard products we feel confident sharing with our friends and family.

Delicious, Always

Every single Koi product is crafted with taste in mind and tested by our team, because enjoying the journey is just as important as where you're going.

Suggested Use

Attach to a compatible battery and enjoy as desired throughout the day.


Store in a cool, dry place away from heat and light.


100% hemp derived distillates, terpenes


  • If you have not taken THC-O before or have questions, please contact our customer service via live chat or email customerservice@koicbd.com so that we can assure you get the best possible experience from our products.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • Not intended for use by anyone under 21 years of age.
  • May cause drowsiness.
  • Do not operate a vehicle or heavy equipment when taking this product.
  • Do not use if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have a medical condition, or are taking any medication.
  • Consult your physician before use.
  • Do not take this product if you are subject to drug testing.

Frequently Asked Questions

THC-O tends to take longer to kick in (as much as 1 hour after inhalation), but once it takes hold the effects are long-lasting, intensely immersive, and cerebral. Users have shared that it stimulates pleasant spiritual-type sensations, while others find THC-O beneficial for better sleep. Everyone has unique body chemistry, and THC-O vape cartridges may affect people differently.
While effects and tolerance vary from person to person, some users have reported that THC-O delivers notably more intense effects than delta-8, delta-9, and delta-10 THC. Discover more about THC-O effects and potency through our ‘What is THC-O?” educational article.
For most, this cannabinoid has stronger effects than other cannabinoids. Begin with a small to moderate draw and wait 20 to 30 minutes before taking another to assess your tolerance level. Over time, you’ll dial in on the right amount of THC-O vape for you.
Koi THC-O Vape Cartridges feature a standardized style of screw-on 510 thread connection and are compatible with the widest range of vape batteries. Pair them with any 510 thread vape battery.
At Koi, we always adhere to our strict manufacturing and testing standards to ensure that our Koi THC-O Vape Cartridges are the best and safest on the market. To help ensure the THC-O products you buy are safe to use, make sure you only buy from trusted and reliable brands that use independent, third-party labs to verify their purity and potency. There have yet to be any studies on the long-term effects or safety of THC-O use. Vaping THC-O appears to have a similar safety profile to other types of THC, but more research in the area is needed. Learn more about THC-O safety.
THC-O products are legal at the federal level under the 2018 Farm Bill that legalized hemp and its derivatives. Under that law, products made with hemp and hemp-derived cannabinoids like THC-O became legal, as long as they don’t exceed the 0.3% delta-9 THC by dry weight. States and territories can regulate hemp compounds, so laws can vary throughout the country. If you’ve ever searched for “THC-O carts near me”, you’ll be happy to know that the cartridges are available for home delivery in most locations.

Koi THC-O Carts

CBD is no longer the only beneficial cannabinoid derived from hemp. Meet THC-O, a newly available hemp cannabinoid that is growing in popularity for its powerful introspective effects that can help you relax and sleep better.

While CBD is just as popular as ever, the hemp plant now provides a long list of valuable compounds that can help you feel and live better, including THC-O. Hemp appreciators and those looking for a more powerful way to relax or stimulate deep thought have already embraced this new compound and are adding it to their evening and weekend routines.

As a leader in the hemp space, we at Koi CBD keep up with the latest in hemp and all it can offer our customers. We are among the first to produce and carry sought-after THC-O products like THC-O carts. Made using the same rigorous manufacturing and testing standards that helped establish our position in the industry with CBD, our THC-O carts provide you with an enjoyable and efficient way to experience THC-O benefits. You can always count on Koi to bring you the newest hemp cannabinoids available.

Like CBD, THC-O products come in many forms. We have THC-O in the form of gummies and THC-O vapes. THC-O vape carts are an extremely efficient and powerful form of inhalable hemp product. Designed to pair with an industry-standard 510 thread vape battery, THC O carts produce large clouds of THC-O acetate-filled vapor that deliver powerful and immersive effects when inhaled.

Vaping is one of the most popular ways of enjoying hemp compounds. By delivering THC-O to your bloodstream almost instantly through the lungs, you feel the effects faster. And because vape pens are straightforward to use, vaping with THC O carts can be a great choice for both beginners and experienced vapers.

What is a THC-O Cartridge?

THC-O carts are a great way to consume THC-O enjoyably and efficiently. THC-O carts are small containers outfitted with a heating element and a mouthpiece. Inside, they contain a vapable liquid that contains THC-O and sometimes other cannabinoids and terpenes. THC-O, short for tetrahydrocannabinol acetate (THC-O acetate), is a hemp-derived cannabinoid known for its powerfully introspective and relaxing effects.

THC O carts must pair with an industry-standard 510-threaded vape battery to power the heating element. Together, they heat the hemp materials without burning them to produce an inhalable cloud of THC-O-filled vapor so you can experience the compound’s benefits.

At Koi, our 1-gram THC O vape carts contain a blend of beneficial compounds, including:

  • THC-O
  • Delta-8 THC
  • Strain-specific terpenes

We avoid using any additives or fillers to ensure that your vaping sessions are pure and enjoyable. Pre-filled and ready-to-go, THC-O carts are compact and easy to take with you wherever you go. They also give you full control over your THC-O serving. Simply increase or decrease your serving size by taking more or fewer draws off the THC O cart’s mouthpiece.

Terpenes can be added to enhance your experience with THC-O carts. Terpenes are naturally occurring plant compounds that contribute to the aromas, flavors, and even effects of your vaping experience. Different terpenes can create different results. They work synergistically with cannabinoids and other compounds to create sensations of calm, stimulation, or a mix of both.

We know that not everyone who vapes THC-O is looking for the same type of experience. So, to meet everyone’s personal needs and preferences, Koi THC-O Vape Cartridges come in three different terpene strains:

  • Banana OG (Indica): Users have shared that our Banana OG strain THC O cart has noticeably relaxing, mood-elevating benefits. Banana OG got its name from its delicious scent of ripe bananas. As an indica-dominant strain, it offers a mellowing sensation that’s perfect for unwinding.
  • Blue Walker (Sativa): Users say that Blue Walker can have a creative, mind-stimulating effect. It can be a good option when you’re looking to re-energize your body and motivate yourself to get things done.
  • Cherry Pie (Hybrid): Cherry Pie is a popular strain because it can offer more full-body relaxation with cerebral stimulation. It’s been described as having an aroma of sweet and sour cherry pie.

Why THC-O Cartridges?

Vaping with THC-O carts is the preferred method of consumption for many people because it’s an efficient and more lung-friendly way to experience the deep relaxation benefits of THC-O. As one of the newest and most potent cannabinoids available, it is getting the interest of many hemp consumers.

THC-O is the acetylated version of conventional THC. Rather than being found naturally in the plant, it’s created using naturally occurring CBD or Delta-8 THC that’s been extracted from the hemp plant in a multistep process involving acids and filtration. Its chemical profile is similar to other types of THC, except that it has an acetyl group that allows the compound easier absorption for stronger cerebral and body effects.

For most people, THC-O produces more powerful effects compared to most other cannabinoids. While no data yet confirms its potency, early anecdotal reports and research suggest that it’s as much as three times more potent than Delta-8 THC and Delta-9 THC for some. It is often referred to as “the spiritual cannabinoid” because of its ability to stimulate deep thought and provide a more immersive experience. If you enjoy meditating, listening to music, or spiritual reflection, using THC-O carts can enhance those activities even more. With its strong potency, it is best used in the evenings or on weekends when responsibilities are done for the day. Because it can also be physically sedating at higher servings, some prefer to use THC-O to sleep better. Only THC-P is thought to be stronger than THC-O.

THC O carts offer an unmatched level of efficiency, convenience, portability, safety, and discreteness compared to other product forms. Vaping THC-O produces faster effects because the active compound in the vapor diffuses from your lungs into your bloodstream very quickly and efficiently. Many also consider vape carts the easiest way to consume THC-O because they are pre-filled, eliminating any hassle or mess that comes with the refill process. Vapes also allow you to enjoy your hemp compound without creating any lingering smoke or smells that can bother those nearby. Vapor clouds produce very little odor and dissipate quickly. And for those who like to keep their hemp products on hand, THC-O vape pens are so compact they easily fit into most pockets.

Plus, learning how to use THC-O carts is easy. Simply attach your THC-O cartridge to a charged vape battery, and you’re ready to go. Use the mouthpiece on the cart to draw the vapor into your lungs and wait a few seconds before exhaling. Take at least 30 minutes to see how you feel before taking another puff.

Benefits of THC-O Cartridges

THC-O has quickly become a highly sought-after compound because of its uniquely introspective and relaxing benefits. Choosing vaping as your go-to method for consuming THC-O offers some clear advantages for both beginners and connoisseurs of hemp compounds. The benefits of vaping THC-O include:

Fast-acting effects

Vaping is a highly-favored consumption method for enjoying THC-O. THC-O does take some time to metabolize in the body before its effects are activated. But compared to other types of THC-O products, THC-O carts are the quickest way to experience the powerful benefits of THC-O, delivering effects in roughly 30 to 60 minutes after inhalation. While THC-O is often described as a slow-burner compared to other cannabinoids, vaping allows you to absorb the botanical compound efficiently through your lungs and remains the fastest method for feeling its effects.

Powerfully relaxing benefits

While people can respond differently, vaping THC-O carts can leave you feeling relaxed on an entirely new level. If you were to compare THC-O vs delta 9 THC, THC-O is significantly more potent. Those with a higher tolerance for other cannabinoids have found THC-O enjoyable. Like other cannabinoids, THC-O stimulates the body’s cannabinoid receptors but in a more robust way. Because of this, it can enable a deeper relaxation state.

Helpful for deep thinking and more restful sleep

Many THC-O users have described the effects of THC-O as spiritual and introspective. People have shared that the compound stimulates deep thought, suggesting it could enhance creativity, spirituality, and meditative activities. Its powerful full-body relaxation effects can also be sedative and help you sleep faster and longer.

Nothing but hemp compounds

Our THC O cartridges are free of additives and fillers, so you don’t have to worry about consuming any unsafe questionable ingredients as you seek the benefits of THC-O. They are made with a carefully-crafted blend of hemp-derived THC-O, delta-8 THC, and naturally occurring terpenes. You can verify the ingredients of our cartridges by viewing each product’s Certificate of Analysis.

Portable and ready to go out of the box

For those who value ease, THC-O carts deliver. They come pre-filled with our blend of THC-O, delta-8 THC, and strain-specific terpenes. You just need to pair them with a compatible, fully-charged vape battery, and you’re ready to go. They can be as small as a writing utensil and with their slim design, they offer optimal portability and discretion. But try to keep it out of the sun. For the longest life of the product, keep your cart in a cool, dark location away from bright light.

High-grade ceramic coil

Our THC-O cartridges come equipped with high-quality ceramic coils. They’re made with ceramics to improve longevity and performance. Ceramic coils are more heat resistant for smoother draws, better vapor production, and improved flavor. They also reduce the chances of unpleasant, dry pulls and spit back.

Selections of strains to choose from

Our THC-O carts come in a variety of terpene strain profiles to customize the effects and experience of every cartridge. Not everyone is the same, and terpenes allow you to find a cartridge that meets your specific needs and preferences. Our indica-dominant Banana OG strain tends to deliver more of a calming effect. Blue Walker is a sativa-dominant strain that can be stimulating and helpful for taking on creative projects. In the middle, our hybrid Cherry Pie strain can provide more full-body relaxation and a mind-stimulating experience.

Accredited third-party testing

THC O carts from Koi have undergone third-party lab testing to ensure they contain reliably consistent levels of THC-O, delta-8, and terpenes, and that they’re free of any harmful by-products or toxins. These Certificate of Analysis test results are always available to view on our website, so you know what’s exactly in your cartridges and can feel good about vaping THC-O. The hemp industry is largely unregulated, so only buy THC-O carts that have their safety and quality verified by an independent laboratory.

Vaping THC-O and What to Expect

THC-O is already well-absorbed by the body, but it has even higher bioavailability when vaped. Because more THC-O arrives in your bloodstream, you can take a smaller serving size and still feel its effects.

When vaping THC-O, you’re in control of how much you consume by increasing or decreasing the number of draws you take from the cart’s mouthpiece. Keep in mind that THC-O tends to have a more delayed onset of effects compared to other cannabinoids, so you should wait between puffs of the vape to see how you respond. Expect 30 minutes or more after taking a draw from the THC-O vape cart before feeling any effects.

Once effects kick in, you’ll likely experience a feeling of deep relaxation and unique mindfulness. Everyone can respond differently, but most people who have vaped THC-O carts share that they felt super relaxed with deep and positive thoughts. Because of the high potency, it is recommended to use THC-O when responsibilities are done for the day and you’re in a location where you can safely relax.

Is THC-O intoxicating?

THC-O has powerfully immersive relaxing effects that are felt strongly in most people. Like Delta-8, Delta-9, and Delta-10 THCs, THC-O binds with the endocannabinoid system’s CB1 receptors to elicit its effects, but its effects are significantly more intense because of its unique chemical structure that improves its absorption. The experience is often described as powerful cerebral and full-body relaxation.

The more potent effects of THC-O make it a better option for those with a high tolerance or needing more powerful relief and relaxation. Those new to the alternative cannabinoid space may have a better experience with a compound that has milder effects. Taking too much THC O can be an uncomfortable experience, so it’s recommended to practice patience and start with small servings as you get started.

Is THC-O the Same as THC-P?

Despite their similar name, THC-O and THC-P are two different cannabinoids. Both are exceptionally potent and can have strong effects on most people. However, THC-O appears to be slightly less potent than THC-P. THC-O can have more spiritual or deep-thinking effects, while THC-P products are most commonly used for full-body relaxation and powerful relief. Also, THC-P effects tend to kick in faster, whereas effects from vaping THC-O can be delayed and take 30 minutes or more.

While THC-O is created by converting hemp CBD, THC-P naturally occurs in the hemp plant. We’ve also known about THC-O for much longer than THC-P. U.S. military scientists started to study THC-O in 1949, while THC-P was only discovered in 2019.

Is THC-O Stronger than Delta-8?

Yes, THC-O is stronger than delta-8. When compared at a milligram level, anecdotal reports suggest that THC-O is one of the most potent of all cannabinoids, although verified data is still very much needed. Whether you will experience stronger effects with vaping THC-O carts than Delta-8 carts will depend on a few factors, including how many milligrams of the two cannabinoids you consume. Other factors, such as personal tolerance, genetics, body makeup, and consumption method, will also play a role in the intensity of effects you will experience.

Who Shouldn’t Vape THC-O?

THC-O vapes should only be used by adults 21 years and older. Also, those who have not had any type of THC before should practice caution when trying THC-O for the first time and may have a better experience starting with a lower-potency cannabinoid. Do not use this product if you have to drive or operate any machinery.

It is always recommended to talk with your physician before vaping THC-O or any other hemp cannabinoid. Those taking prescription medications or facing serious health situations should consult with their doctor first. Pregnant and breastfeeding parents should refrain from vaping THC-O cartridges.

Those subject to drug testing should be safe rather than sorry and avoid using THC-O. While federally legal, THC-O can be indistinguishable from conventional THC in most drug tests and can trigger a false-positive result.

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Legal Status

Koi’s cannabinoid products are legal under the 2018 Farm Bill. Signed into law in December 2018, the federal legislation legalizes hemp, which the law defines as any part of the plant, including all derivatives, with no more than a 0.3 percent concentration of THC. This includes hemp-derived cannabinoids like CBD, delta-8 THC, and many more.

While these hemp products are legal federally, guidelines can and do vary by state due to differing controlled substances laws. Some states have banned some hemp cannabinoids.
The information presented is not legal advice, is not to be acted on as such, may not be current and is subject to change without notice.

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