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Creating balance ultimately comes down to variety, which is why Koi Vape Cartridges allow you to effortlessly swap between cannabinoids and terpene strains. With even a modest collection, you can opt for any combination of Delta 8 THC, THC-O, HHC, and THC-P depending on mood and desired effect throughout the day. Available in indica, sativa, and hybrid strains with zero additives or fillers, Koi 1-gram cartridges are compatible with any standard battery that supports a 510 threaded cartridge. So all you have to do is screw it on, breathe it in, and vibe out.

Vaping has seen a considerable rise in popularity over the last few years. The reason behind its surge could be many things. It could be its savvy and aesthetic appeal, the fact that most people believe it's better than smoking, or its lower costs. 

What is certain is that it is also a clear favorite within hemp circles. As a result, the demand for hemp vaping products has increased. In the hemp industry, many prefer vaping because of its effective delivery. Vaping delivers the fastest effects and has the highest bioavailability.

It also helps that some brands like us have responded by providing vaping enthusiasts with a full range of vape offerings to appeal to their preferences. Of course, the favorite and bestsellers are vape cartridges. Beginner and experienced hemp cannabinoid fans that want to experience the best effects within the shortest time and with the highest bio-availability will love our vape carts.

What are Vape Cartridges?

One of the reasons vaping is such a big hit is its diversity. There are a bunch of vaporizers and other vape hardware you can try out depending on your experience and preference. For those new to vaping, disposable vape pens are perfect. They are easy to use and effective. They don't require any maintenance and little to no settings adjustments. They save you the learning curve while letting your jump feet-first into the full hemp vaping experience.

Some intermediate users opt for vape pods, and experienced vapers may choose vape mods. Unfortunately, with most of these devices, you must refill the tank with CBD vape juice or other vape liquid once it is depleted. It's not a process that any vaper looks forward to. It can be messy and wasteful, especially if you don't have the right tools to refill your device.

Vape carts quickly solve this problem. The carts come pre-filled with your preferred hemp cannabinoid or blend. From Koi CBD, that can be HHC, THC, CBG, CBD, and more. The carts come in multiple options, including terpene strains, so that you can tailor your experience. You only need to choose the cannabinoid and terpene blend that sounds best and attach it to your existing device. It's simple and stress-free.

A vape cart is a small container fitted with a heating element and mouthpiece. It’s also pre-filled with your preferred hemp vaping liquid. The container attaches to your battery, which powers the heating element to produce inhalable vapor clouds through the mouthpiece.

Why Should You Choose A Vape Cartridge

There are dozens of ways to deliver hemp products into your system. So why should you give vape carts a second thought?

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If you've been around the hemp industry long enough, you know every method has its merits. Vape carts aren't any different. However, choosing vape carts as your preferred method of enjoying cannabinoids and their benefits comes with some unique advantages:

  • Variety – The diversity of vape carts is simply stunning. You can choose from various vape carts containing different cannabinoids in different types of terpene strains. You won't feel limited when using vape carts – even when you're adventurous and like switching up their experience regularly.
  • Ease of use – Vape carts are very straightforward. With a little vaping experience, you can use vape carts like a pro in a few tries. They work the same way as regular e-liquid tanks. The operation of the battery might vary depending on the make and model of your device, but if you have used it before, you shouldn't have any problems using a vape cart. You might tinker with the wattage and temperature settings, but that’s about it. Using vape carts becomes even easier if your battery device doesn't have variable temperature and wattage features.
  • Discreet – Vape carts are the perfect partner if you value your privacy and prefer to vape without bothering those around you. The cartridges are easily concealed and don't leave a lingering smell when you vape. They also don't leave that thick cloud of smoke that hangs around. They are perfect when vaping outdoors, but you don't want to disrupt others or draw attention to yourself.  
  • Portable – Always on the move? You’ll appreciate that cartridges are small and compact. You can fit a couple of them in your pocket without any trouble. If you’re a frequent traveler and want to take your exploits with you, they won’t take up much room in your bag. Even when attached to a battery, they’re still very compact, and you will only need one device for multiple carts. It only needs to be rechargeable.
  • Cost-effective – If vaping appeals to you because it is less expensive, you're about to love it even more with vape carts. Once you have the right device, you only need to buy the vape carts. Because they come complete with the heating element, you don't have to worry about dwindling performance, maintenance, or replacement of coils. Unlike disposables, you only need to replace the vape cart instead of the entire device. 

Types of Koi CBD Vape Carts By Type of Cannabinoid

Among the benefits of Koi CBD vape carts is the diversity of our selection. No matter your hemp inclination, we have high-quality and effective vape carts that carry your favorite hemp cannabinoid. Our range of vape cartridges includes:

CBD Vape Cartridges

CBD is the most prevalent cannabinoid in the hemp plant, surpassing well-known Delta 9 THC. CBD is best known for its potent balancing and natural wellness benefits and for not having the same elevating effects that some other cannabinoids are known for.

CBD vape carts are the perfect way to enjoy premium CBD and experience its firsthand benefits. You can choose from various CBD plus other cannabinoid blends to find something that appeals to you best and delivers the perfect results. The carts are easy to use and work with most standard devices.

Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridge

A milder analog of Delta 9 THC, Delta 8 is perfect for anyone new to elevating cannabinoids or those looking for milder relaxing effects. Delta 8 THC is a big hit within cannabinoid circles and is fondly referred to as THC-lite because of its more accessible yet noticeable elevating effects.

Delta 8 has the same benefits that have attracted many to Delta 9 THC. People use it to unwind at the end of the night or on weekends.

Our Delta 8 THC vape carts deliver the whole experience. As our most popular cart, they come in a slew of terpene strains, including super sour diesel, lemon cake, orange Kush, and platinum OG. Our Delta 8 THC vape carts are a favorite because of their effectiveness, potency, and the flavors and elevating experience they bring.

With up to 10 choices of different Indica, hybrid, and Sativa strains, finding your happy place with our Delta 8 THC vape carts and Delta 8 disposables is almost guaranteed.

Each cart contains one gram of Delta 8 THC with no additives, cutting agents, or fillers. Just 100% hemp-derived Delta 8 THC for the best experience. The cartridge is compatible with standard 510 threaded batteries – which is a majority of the options in the market.

THC-P Vape Cartridge  

For the more experienced hemp enthusiasts that want to immerse themselves in deep relaxations and leverage the potent effects of THC-P, we have THC-P vape carts.

For the best experience and performance, we’ve included a ceramic coil in the cartridge for shorter ramp-up times, even vaporization, and maximum extraction.

We combine hemp-derived THC P with various hemp plant terpene strains, including Hybrid, Indica, and Sativa. So whatever terpene profile you fancy, we have it available for you. You can also select from several delightful flavors. Raspberry Kush and Golden pineapple are the most popular, but you're more than welcome to try our other offerings.

Like our other cannabinoid vape carts, the THC-P vape cartridge comes in one gram. We don’t use fillers, additives, or cutting agents in our extract, so you have the whole, unadulterated experience. The cartridge is compatible with a standard 510 threaded battery, which is most likely what you have if you already have a vape device. If you don’t, finding one will be easy because these are the most common.

THC-O Vape Cartridge

The discovery of CBD and its subsequent popularity and rampant demand brought with it a lot of benefits. One of them was a rising interest in what else the hemp plant had to offer, and the results have been excellent. For example, THC O is yet another cannabinoid from the hemp plant. It is an ester of THC and is more potent than Delta 9.

If you’ve been enjoying Delta 9 for a long time and are looking for a stronger solution, THC-O is an excellent next bet. It packs even more potent elevating benefits, which is why consumption of THC-O is increasingly popular among consumers seeking more powerful effects.

We have just the THC O cartridge that will take you on an unforgettable journey and stimulate deep thought and introspection.

The extract in our THC-O cartridge utilizes a unique blend of THC-O, Delta 8, and some strain-specific terpenes for the right results and the ultimate THC-O experience. You can choose from one of the three available strains we offer, like Indica in the Banana OG flavor, Sativa,  in the Blue Walker flavor, and Hybrid in the Cherrypie flavor.

Each strain delivers a unique experience. For more heavily relaxing and calming effects, we recommend the Indica strain. The Sativa is best for a creative and stimulating effect, while the Hybrid is ideal for a cerebral and full-body relaxing experience.

However, like other cannabinoids, the effects vary from person to person. So, we’re just going with how most users report feeling after trying out the different strains.

The THC-O cartridge has no fillers, additives, or cutting agents. It comes in one gram in a cartridge with a ceramic coil for the best extraction and vaporization performance.

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HHC Vape Cartridge

HHC is one of the newer cannabinoids on the market. Already, it's showing a lot of potentials. Most people that have tried it have commended its mellowing-out benefits. It’s relaxing, yet mind-clarity effects are ideal if you’re looking for relaxation and quieting a racing mind at the end of the day.

With our HHC vape cart, you can experience these and other benefits of HHC faster and conveniently. The HHC vape carts come in various terpene strains derived from the hemp plant, like Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. With each strain, you’ll enjoy a unique and delectable flavor that adds to the experience of vaping HHC vape carts. Available flavors include cotton candy kush, strawberry cough, and pink cookies. 

Most vapers that have tried our HHC vape carts say that they have clear-minded uplifting effects and are a perfect addition to spice up your favorite social gathering and help everyone loosen.

The carts are compact. They come in one-gram measurements. They are compatible with standard 510 threaded batteries and have a ceramic coil for the best vaping experience and delivery.

Like our other cannabinoid vape carts, we've stayed genuine and natural with our HHC vape carts. They don't contain any fillers, cutting agents, or additives. Just the good and all-natural hemp-derived HHC. These carts are the perfect way to kick back and relax while keeping your mind clear.

How to Choose the Right Type of Vape Cart

You have plenty of options to pick from if you’re looking for a vape cart. But cannabinoids deliver customized experiences and effects depending on the person. So, finding the perfect one is critical. Even when buying from other brands, knowing what to look for in the best vape carts is crucial. It saves you from unenjoyable experiences and gives you the best bang for your buck.

Type of vape cartridges

Check the type of cartridge you’re about to buy. The cartridges are designed and built for different devices. Ensure the one you’re interested in is compatible with your battery.

At Koi, our vape cartridges feature universal 510 threading, which works seamlessly with all 510-thread-compatible vape batteries.

If you don’t already have a battery, consider your experience level and the hardware that will give you the easiest time when vaping. The most common types of vapes cartridges you will find at Koi CBD and other leading hemp brands include:

Device-specific cartridges

These vape carts are slightly more advanced and designed for use with a specific vaporizer. Some of these vape cartridges come in different sizes and feature unique threading, so they only work with a particular vape. As vape hardware brands are trying to build brand loyalty, you will find different types of threading and sizes with their batteries. Again, those batteries will only work with specific vape carts.

Take Atmos, for example. It has the 601 threading with its batteries. So, you have a vape device from Atmos, you need a vape cart that works with the 601 threading. eGo is another threading option you might come across. The same is the case for our own Koi Pods, which plug into the Koi Stick.

Some vape batteries might have additional requirements for the vape cart to be compatible. Regardless of the reason, device-specific carts work with that specific design.

They seem like more work. But if you find one designed for your battery, you’re assured of optimum performance with no guesswork.

These vape carts are not as standard because every brand wants to reach out to as many vapes as possible, but they're out there. So if you have a device that won't work with standard 510-threaded carts, looking for a device-specific cart is your only alternative besides replacing the device. 

510 threaded vape carts

The 510-threaded vape carts get their name from the threading at the bottom of the cartridge. In 510, 5 represents the 5mm, the distance between the threads, and 10 represents the number of threads. This is the most common type of threading in vaping. It's an industry standard.

510 threaded vape carts are the easiest to find. We have several of them, filled with your favorite cannabinoids, strains, and strengths. If you have several 510-compatible vape devices and want cartridges that you can use with either of your devices, going for a 510-threaded vape cart might be your best bet.

Some of the reasons we think you will fall in love with a 510 thread vape cartridge are:

  • Ease of use – These carts are easy to use. They take the guesswork out of the equation. You don’t have to tinker with them at all. Also, the fact that you attach them to a battery you’re already familiar with is an added advantage. You screw the cart onto a charged battery, press the button, and inhale. It’s almost like plug-and-play!
  • Compatibility – 510 threading is considered the industry standard. There’s almost no chance your cartridge will be incompatible with the battery if it has a 510 connector. With a 510 threading cartridge, you have the widest compatibility. This is the most common style of cartridge on the market, and there are tons of them today.
  • Portability – 510 threaded vape pens have a discrete and minimalist design. The vape carts that go with the pen follow the same script. They are arguably the most compact, fun, and best way to enjoy your cannabinoid concentrates on the go. They won't take up much space and will easily stay hidden when you want them to. They can work with multiple devices, so you can switch the cart to another battery if the current one runs out of charge and you can't plug it in.

You will rarely go wrong with 510 vape carts as long as a reliable brand makes them. But, like every other cannabinoid experience, just because it works for one person doesn't mean it will work for you. You can forage around to see what works best for you. We recommend the 510 threaded vape carts because they have the widest variety of cannabinoids and terpene strains. And they can work with the broadest range of devices.

You would be at pains to find such a device a few years ago. But they have become more common over the years. Today, they are the most basic vape carts you can find on the market.

These disposable vape pen vape carts are perfect for taking slow steps in your vaping journey. They're also a great go-to if you enjoy incorporating multiple cannabinoids into your wellness and relaxation routine. Finally, disposable vape pen carts are for you if you take comfort in disposables' simplicity and ease of use but want something that allows you to pick what you want to vape.

But we can't emphasize this enough. You do need to find a compatible 510 vape battery device to work these cartridges. At Koi, we carry the 510-compatible Exxus Slim VV Battery.

What Makes Koi Vape Carts Different?

As you look for the best vaping cartridge, you will come across other brands. But before you veer off and give them some serious thought, let's remind you why Koi CBD has the best vaping cartridges and why your vaping and cannabinoid experience is in the best hands with us.


We care about your health and cannabinoid experience. We use the best quality and food-grade materials tested and found safe for human use in our vape products. We pull all the stops to design and build the best quality and best-performing vape carts on the market. For instance, you will notice that all our vape carts come with a ceramic coil for superior heat distribution and better vaporization. We carefully craft each cannabinoid and terpene blend, so you have an enjoyable experience.

Safety and testing

Every aspect of our vape carts is thoroughly tested. We start by partnering with experienced partners that share in our vision to provide superior cannabinoid products to our customers. They help us source the best US-grown hemp from leading farms. The extract we use is hemp-derived. The plants and extract undergo rigorous testing ensure they meet the highest agricultural standards and are organically grown before we use them to create our robust line of cannabinoid products.

We have third-party lab certificates for all our cannabinoid products. They are also tested for contaminants like heavy metals, herbicides, and pesticides. We take every precaution to deliver the ultimate vaping and cannabinoid experience without compromising quality and safety.


We have the widest range of vape carts available. Our experience and longevity in the cannabinoid industry have given us time to craft the best concentrates and high-quality vape carts. We have a broad selection of vape carts, delivering cannabinoids from Delta 8 THC to HHC, THC-O, THC-P, CBD, and more. Each cannabinoid comes in multiple strains and flavors. You can customize your experience depending on how you're feeling and what you're in the mood for.

Need a Little Help?

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While these hemp products are legal federally, guidelines can and do vary by state due to differing controlled substances laws. Some states have banned some hemp cannabinoids.
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