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The most exciting thing about the cannabinoid industry is that it is always growing and moving forward. Just when you think CBD is the only major benefit the hemp plant has to offer, Delta 8 THC comes around, followed by Delta 9 THC. And now there’s a new THC analog on the block called THC-O. While THC-O is not as understood because it’s so new, we expect its popularity to surge as more people discover its uniquely powerful benefits.

THC-O is not yet a mainstream cannabinoid like CBD and Delta 8 THC, but it has already caught the eyes of people looking for more powerful and immersive effects. THC-O can reach the body’s cannabinoid receptors more efficiently than other cannabinoids, producing more potent effects even in consumers with high THC tolerance. Sounds interesting, right? If this is the first time you’ve heard about THC-O, we want to set you up for a great experience. Here is everything you need to know about this new cannabinoid on the block.

What is THC-O?

THC-O has many similarities to conventional delta-9 THC, except that it has an acetyl group in its chemical profile. It is considered the acetate ester of THC. Depending on the circle you’re in, you may refer to THC-O by a different name: THC acetate ester or O-acetyl-Δ9-THC. Experts know it as THC-O acetate, ATHC, or THC-Oa. Nearly everyone refers to it as its shortened name of THC-O, including us at Koi CBD.

At its most basic, THC-O is a cannabinoid just like CBD or Delta 8 THC. However, unlike other cannabinoids that occur naturally in the hemp plant, THC-O is created through a multistep process that converts naturally occurring CBD into THC-O.

In this CBD to THC-O conversion process, acids and filtration are used to change the cannabinoid’s molecular structure.

How is THC-O Made?

THC-O is a man-made cannabinoid created by manipulating the structure of natural CBD.

Making THC-O begins with the extraction of the hemp plant. Naturally occurring CBD is converted into Delta-8 THC, and then further refined into THC-O. The chemical reaction that takes place changes the molecular structure of the extract by adding an acetate group.

Difference Between THC and THC-O

While very similar, there are multiple differences between THC and THC-O. The biggest is the different chemical structures of each compound.

The chemical structure of THC includes an OH molecule, while that of THC-O only has an “O” molecule and a double bond.

Another difference between THC and THC-O relates to chemical stability. THC-O is known for being unstable, which means it can degrade rapidly when oxidized. This is also why you should be cautious when storing THC-O to avoid any extreme heat, humidity, and exposure to oxygen, which can all degrade the compound. THC, on the other hand, is notably more stable in various forms, although it too should be stored properly for preservation.

Is THC-O Different from other Cannabinoids?

There are differences between THC-O and the other more well-known cannabinoids like CBD. One of the notable differences between THC-O and CBD is that CBD doesn’t produce any type of euphoric effects, while THC-O delivers noticeably intense cerebral effects that can be potentially three times stronger than that of Delta 9 THC.

Like CBD, however, THC-O is fully federally legal in the United States under the 2018 Farm Bill. Products made with hemp derivatives that contain no more than 0.3% Delta 9 THC are legal at the federal level to buy and use. States can, however, regulate cannabinoids and restrict their sale.

Why is THC-O Special?

Every cannabinoid offers unique benefits that make it stand out and appeal to different people. THC-O is not any different. Adding the acetate molecule to the base THC molecule makes all the difference. Not only does it make the THC molecule stronger, but it also produces other advantages that make THC-O special.

THC-O is not water-soluble

Like other cannabinoids, THC-O is not water-soluble. Instead, it’s fat-soluble, which means it dissolves in oil. Fat-soluble substances like THC-O undergo an additional filtration process that reduces the percentage of molecules that make it into the bloodstream. But, because THC-O compounds are so much more potent than most other cannabinoids, you still get strong effects even with the reduced amount of the THC-O making it to your bloodstream.

THC-O is strong

THC-O appeals to those seeking a more powerful experience. Why? THC-O has shown to be more potent than conventional Delta 9 THC because of the addition of the acetate molecule within its molecular structure. As a result, it delivers uniquely powerful relaxation effects. In addition, because of the difference in chemical structure, THC-O is thought to stimulate the cannabinoid receptors in the brain in a way that regular THC does not.

If you’re considering THC-O for the first time, we recommend that you start with a minimal amount to get the hang of the intensity of the effects, then decide how you want to proceed. This also applies to experienced consumers.

What are the Effects of Taking THC-O?

THC-O has similar benefits and effects as other THC analogs but is stronger. So, if Delta 8 or Delta 9 THC doesn't work for you, THC-O might be a good option. Its effects are also often described as immersive and helpful for stimulating deep thought.

Some of the effects people report after taking THC-O include:

  • Happiness or better mood
  • Extremely relaxed
  • A strong buzz
  • Immersive and spiritual
  • Sleep-promoting

Like other cannabinoids, the effects of THC-O might vary for different people. Some people might feel the effects more strongly than others, while others might not feel some of the effects at all. It’s highly recommended that you start slowly and build up with time as needed to set yourself up for a positive experience and prevent undesirable effects.

Types of THC-O Products

As more people discover THC-O, we at Koi continue to develop products that offer an enjoyable experience and appeal to different preferences. We have several THC-O consumption products available that appeal to experienced and new THC-O users alike. Like the rest of the Koi CBD range, our THC-O products are crafted with quality and flavor in mind.

THC-O Gummies

THC-O gummies are perfect for new and experienced THC-O consumers looking for an approachable and flavorful start to their new cannabinoid journey.

Our THC-O gummies are made according to cGMP regulations and carefully blended to ensure consistency and a reliable concentration of THC-O. They come in various fruit flavors to suit everyone’s taste. The gummies are perfect when looking for cerebral effects, meditating, focusing on spiritual reflection, or listening to music.

Benefits of Koi CBD THC-O Gummies

Our range of THC-O gummies delivers the same quality and consistency you’ve come to expect from Koi gummies. We have specially designed these gummies to deliver a consistent experience with every gummy you take.

  • Flavor-filled – We want you to enjoy the process of taking THC-O. That’s why each gummy is packed with some of the most well-loved flavors. Experience the benefits of THC-O and have fun and tease your tastebuds while doing it.
  • Easy to use – Our THC-O gummies are carefully blended and come with a reliably consistent concentration of THC-O in each gummy. This makes it easy for you to determine how much THC-O you’re getting with every gummy so you can easily measure out the right amount for you. If you’re new or more cautious, you can even halve or cut the gummy into four portions to reduce the amount of THC-O you consume.
  • Longer-lasting effects – You can experience the effects longer when you take THC-O gummies. This is because the gummies have to go through the digestion process, which delays the onset of the effects. Once you start feeling the impact, they last longer because the body releases small amounts of THC-O at a time for an extended period.
  • Easy to share or easy to hide – Know of a friend or family member who could benefit from THC-O? Gummies make it easy to share. And if you’d rather keep your THC-O routine to yourself, you never have to worry about attracting unnecessary attention when consuming THC-O gummies. They have the same appearance as any other gummy you find in a wellness store, which allows you to enjoy your gummies anywhere without any curious looks.

How to Use Koi CBD THC-O Gummies

THC-O gummies are among the easiest types of THC-O products to take. Before using the gummies, read the package carefully for storage instructions, THC-O concentration in each gummy, and serving suggestions. You should have some idea of how many gummies you should take or if you’d benefit from splitting the gummy into smaller pieces before getting started.

Place the gummy in your mouth and chew it as you would any other type of edible product. You can hold the sweet liquid that melts in your mouth for a few seconds before swallowing for sublingual absorption and faster onset of effects.

THC-O Vape Carts

THC-O vape carts are a highly efficient way of consuming THC-O. Vape carts come pre-filled with THC-O and your preferred strain of terpenes, and it attaches to any standard 510-thread vaping battery.

THC-O vape carts are perfect for experienced vapers and people who want to experience a faster onset of effects.

Typically, vape carts make it easier to consume a higher concentration, making them ideal for those who have built a tolerance to THC and want something with a stronger potency. Our Koi CBD vape carts combine the powerful relaxing effects of THC-O, the uplifting benefits of delta-8 THC, and strain-specific terpenes for a full-blown unwinding experience.

The carts are free of additives or fillers, delivering an unparalleled vaping experience. We have the vape carts available in various strains to produce different results depending on what you’re hoping to experience:

  • Indica – Our Indica strain is perfect for users that want to experience powerful relaxing and calming effects.
  • Sativa – We have crafted this Sativa strain for users who want a mind-stimulating effect with bursts of creativity.
  • Hybrid – The hybrid strain straddles the line between the effects of Indica and Sativa, creating a relaxing full-body and cerebral experience.

Each of these strains also delivers a unique sumptuous flavor so that you have a stunning vaping experience with each session.

Besides the superior THC-O vape liquid blends, our vape carts are also packed with premium features that make them easy and fun to use. They have a high-grade ceramic coil that delivers smoother, more flavor-filled draws and thicker vapor cloud production.

The vape carts also have standard 510 connectors that you can connect to any 510 threaded battery. It’s worth noting that most of the vaporizer batteries have 510 threading, meaning the carts are compatible with most of the batteries on the market.

Benefits of Using Koi CBD THC-O Vape Carts

Some of the benefits you stand to enjoy by choosing our THC-O vape carts include:

  • You can use it with your current vape battery – With our THC-O vape carts, you don’t have to worry about giving up your favorite vape pen. If the battery has 510 threading, the vape carts will pair easily. This allows you to use devices you’re comfortable with for the ultimate experience.
  • Convenient and portable – THC-O vape carts are perfect for taking on the road. They have a discrete appearance, and you can store them in your pocket, purse, or bag.
  • Easy to use – There is little to no effort in using a THC-O vape cart. The only setup required is fastening the cart on the battery. After that, you press a button and inhale. There’s no complex technique involved.
  • Easier to control serving sizes – Dialing in on the right serving is a consideration for THC-O users. When you vape, you can simply take more or fewer draws from the pre-loaded cart. As a result, you have control over how much or little THC-O you consume.
  • Plenty of options to choose from - There are tons of options with Koi CBD THC-O vape carts. You can customize your experience based on strain and your desired effects.

How to Use Koi CBD THC-O Vape Carts

Using vape carts is straightforward. It’s even easier if you already have a vaporizer battery that you’re familiar with. If you’re not familiar with the device, here are the steps to use a THC-O vape cart.

  1. Screw the vape cart onto the battery. Ensure the vape cart is firmly attached to the battery to avoid leakages.
  2. Check if the battery has an On/Off button. If it does, there’s a good chance pressing that button five times turns it on, and the same process turns it off.
  3. If the vape doesn’t have a button, draw through the mouthpiece, and the device will automatically power on. Keep the vape pen in an upright position to avoid leakages.
  4. Start with smaller draws to avoid overconsuming. Pull the vapor into your lungs and hold for a second or two before exhaling.
  5. Keep an eye on your cart to ensure it’s not burning too hot, which could affect the quality of the experience.

How Much THC-O Should You Take?

One of the ways to ensure you get the best experience when using THC-O is to take the right amount for you. Unfortunately, there’s no right amount that works for everyone. The same amount can have different effects and intensities on different people.

The best way to determine how much THC-O you should consume is to start with a small amount and observe how you respond. Every time you use THC-O, you can increase or decrease the amount depending on how you felt the last time and your desired experience.

It's essential to keep in mind that several factors will affect how much THC-O to take:

  • Your preferred method of taking THC-O
  • Metabolic rate
  • Body mass index
  • Personal tolerance
  • Reason for taking THC-O

Potential THC-O Side effects

Because THC-O is more potent than Delta 9 THC, it’s best to err on the side of caution when it comes to serving size to reduce the risks of negative side effects.

Taking too much THC-O can produce some undesirable effects. Some of the reported possible effects include:

  • Dizziness
  • Lethargy and sedation
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Anxiety
  • Unwanted psychedelic-type feelings

Besides taking responsible amounts of THC-O, you should also ensure you buy your THC-O from reputable brands prioritizing quality and purity.

What to Consider When Buying THC-O Products

Not all THC-O products are the same. Buying THC-O products requires a cautious approach to ensure you purchase the best quality products from the best brands. Here are some of the factors you should consider when buying THC products.

Brand reputation

You should only buy THC-O products from reputable brands with a history of delivering quality products. Another plus is that they have reviews from actual consumers. While some new brands take quality and safety standards seriously, they can be difficult to verify, especially when they don’t have reviews. You’re safer with THC-O brands that have built their name from the ground up and care about their customers.

Third-party testing

A third-party testing certificate of analysis should be high on your checklist when buying any hemp products, THC-O included. Every reputable brand has its products tested by a credible third-party lab. The tests check, among other things, the purity and composition of the product. Although most buyers focus on the concentration of the THC-O, you should pay equal attention to whether the THC-O item you intend to purchase is free of harmful toxins, byproducts, or other contaminants.

Ingredients list

The ingredients list has a wealth of information. It highlights all the contents of THC-O products you intend to purchase. Go through the ingredients to ensure the product doesn’t contain unwanted additives and fillers that could affect the quality and interfere with the effects of THC-O products. At Koi CBD, some of our THC-O products online contain other cannabinoids like Delta 8 THC and terpenes, which enhance the effects of THC-O.

Consumer reviews

Customer reviews give you an idea of what to expect from the THC-O acetate products you’re considering. With customer reviews, you get honest opinions of how your preferred THC-O products have interacted with different people.

It may take some time to complete this checklist. The upside is that you have a better experience with the THC-O products you purchase.

Why You Should Buy Koi CBD THC-O products

At Koi CBD, our approach toward THC-O products is to create the best quality and most enjoyable products for THC-O users. We have a meticulous production process that starts with sourcing the CBD to product packaging to guarantee every user can enjoy quality and freshness.

USA grown hemp

The CBD we use in the creation of our THC-O acetate comes from hemp grown using strict organic processes to ensure it doesn’t contain contaminants like pesticides and chemicals. The hemp goes through thorough testing, and we only use the best strains with the highest agricultural standards and consistency.

Third-party lab testing

As a leading THC-O manufacturer trusted by thousands of users, the health and safety of our customers is our priority. We send every batch of all our THC-O products for third-party lab testing from an ISO-accredited facility. Third-party lab testing checks for contaminants and determines the composition of each product.

We have accessible certificates of analysis on our website for all our products so you can look at them before purchasing the products of your choice.


We understand that hemp products are surrounded by mystery and misinformation. We take it upon ourselves to shed light by making our processes transparent and informative. With batch-level transparency, you can easily track your product from source to packaging, ensuring you’re fully aware of the contents of your products and you can consume them with confidence.