February 25, 2022


All I want for the holidays is CBD

Still looking for the perfect present for your mom, dad, or grandparents? Give them the gift of CBD this year!

The holidays are quickly coming up and everyone is starting to feel the “Present Panic” setting in. On top of the rest of our stress, the last thing you should be worrying out about is gifts. CBD is quickly becoming the most fashionable health accessory, so why not treat your loved ones to some high-quality Koi CBD products? Help your loved ones increase their overall balance and wellbeing by giving them the gift of CBD this year- we could all use some. There are so many choices from bath bombs to body creams, tinctures to gummies, there is a Koi CBD product for everyone on your list- even the lovable family pet can get in on the CBD love.

CBD can help us feel a sense of relaxation and in a regular year that would be a selling point for most Christmas gifts, but in 2020 everyone deserves some extra relief this year. We should all be actively taking “me” time to ensure that we are all mentally recharged and able to take on anything that this year has left to throw at us. Koi CBD is incredibly easy to use, and your body will be incredibly receptive to it thanks to our very own endocannabinoid systems. Some forms of consumption have better efficiency than others, for example, oral consumption can take some time to kick in but will last longer as the CBD is carried through the bloodstream, inhalation works immediately, but won’t last as long. Taking CBD under your tongue bypasses your digestive system and allows your bloodstream to fully absorb all of it, making the effects last longer.
As a bearer of CBD tidings this year, you could potentially help change the connotation around it. A lot of the time the public gets confused and thinks that you will become high consuming CBD, thinking that it’s full of THC (the component that gives you the “high” feeling). In fact, most of Koi’s CBD products contain less than 0.001% of THC, making it extremely difficult, and nearly impossible, to get that “high” feeling from our products. Showing people how CBD can potentially enhance their lives without getting high could be the best gift you give them. If you, or anyone in your family who receives our lovely CBD products this holiday season has any questions about what CBD is and how it works, check out our Beginner’s Guide to CBD here!

Koi offers a wide array of options for the adults, and even pets, in the family! Imagine the look of happiness on your grandma’s face as she opens up her very own CBD balm to help with any issues she may be experiencing. Showing others you care never goes out of style. Explaining your own personal experiences with CBD can help to make any hesitant people potentially feel more comfortable and possibly try it. You can also ease their worries by explaining to them that every Koi CBD product is thoroughly tested by 3rd party labs for purity and potency. Our own Koi scientists also do extensive research and development to ensure that our products work effectively and satisfactory. To find the perfect Koi CBD gift this year, click here!
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